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Dream Tunnel

I'm not so experienced with mushrooms but I will write about my very first trip which was quite a while ago.

I'm not so experienced with mushrooms but I will write about my very first trip which was quite a while ago. I'm almost in college now and this happened when I was 14 but I remember it like it was yesterday since it was my first trip. I was used to smoking pot and I had no idea what was going to happen to me or how intense it would be, even with such a small dose. It was actually a pretty bad trip. Even though some of the things that happened were pretty cool, I was completely terrified at the time.
I went over to my friend's house at about 2:00 one day and we decided that we would smoke a few joints and then eat some mushrooms (I don't know how much- at least a few grams) . I didn't trust him that much which made the trip worse when I began to get paranoid. He was older than me and more experienced with drugs. He told me that I probably wouldn't like the trip because I had to go home soon after and wouldn't be able to deal with the walk. I was visibly stoned and didn't care about what he was saying so I took the shrooms.
We sat on the floor of his room and waited for them to take effect. The bedroom was strange to begin with. One wall was just a large window and the bed was in the middle of the room. A few other people came over and this one guy was telling me that I was really "fucked up" even though I didn't feel a thing. He told me to stand up and then I would feel it and when I did, it finally hit me. I was seeing through a giant piece of black glass. Everything was suddenly dark, cloudy and a bit like a blank tv screen but it was strangely too bright for me to open my eyes. I closed them and saw small colorful squares and patterns spinning around in complex acrobatic motions that did not stop when I opened my eyes.
I didn't know what was happening to me. I felt like I was walking through a dream where what I was seeing was real but it couldn't be. I leaned my head up against his bedroom door and I felt like I was dripping down onto the floor and spreading out over the room. The carpet under me swayed back and forth in a musical fashion that went along with my breathing. At that point I started to get really paranoid about other people being around me. They were watching me and they suddenly turned into people I didn't know even though I smoked pot with them all the time. I yelled at them to leave and they started talking to me in what seemed to be really slow voices, like a tape recorder being slowed down. I had no clue what they were saying and soon my own voice sounded foreign and strange.
I made my way over to the bed which had a big red clock on the wall opposite to it. The clock was huge and the ticking was loud. My body twitched with excitement and it felt like warm water was flowing over it. I stared at the clock for what seemed like an eternity. My heart pumped as the seconds ticked by and soon after that I was one with the clock. The wall bubbled and rolled and I lost track of where I was, hoping that it would all be over soon. I stared out the window which spun around into a tunnel. The centre being bright and the outside walls being darker with the drapes flowing around the whole circle. I flowed into it, my body was being lifted away and then I couldn't feel my body at all. At one point I thought I was dying because of the tunnel visuals. I was paranoid but I couldn't move to get myself out of the tunnel trip and I couldn't yell for my friend. I remember accepting the fact that I was "dying" just because I forget the words I had to say for help. I forgot English, I was thinking in another language or no language at all. I forgot who I was and what I was.
I was far inside the tunnel and everything was really 3d, something I did not expect from the schrooms. The door burst open and my friend came in with a cup of juice for me. There were pieces of what looked like popcorn suspended in the air falling slowly like the air was water. They bounced when they hit the floor. My friend sat down beside me, told me to have a drink and then left. I thought he put something in the drink and was trying to poison me. I was thirsty but I stared at the cup for about ten minutes trying to sort out whether or not my friend would try to poison me and why. The cup turned colors and when I looked inside I saw bugs swimming around. I decided not to drink it. All of a sudden it felt like bugs were crawling all over me and I couldn't brush them off.
I had to leave. It was about 3 hours into the trip. My friend lived in an apartment building so when I got into the halls, I thought I was trapped in a labrynth. The hallway arched at the ceiling like I was seeing through a fishbowl. I walked down the stairs towards the exit but the floor numbers were getting higher when they should have been getting lower. I was climbing up the stairs! I was too confused to leave. I sat in a corner and stayed there until it was completely dark outside which must have been a few more hours. I walked home and slept the rest off.
I guess the moral of the story is to know what you are taking before you take it and to trust the people who you are shrooming with. I had no idea what shrooms would do to me so I got scared shitless when I started to trip. I shroom often now and I love every moment of it. Thats my story.

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