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dream land

My boyfriend and I had both done shrooms a few times,so wen a friend of ours offered us some @ a really good price, we took them.

My boyfriend and I had both done shrooms a few times,so wen a friend of ours offered us some @ a really good price, we took them. We only took a small dose,I've taken more than I did that night,and didn't get nearly as fucked up as I did this time,so I wasn't expecting the trip I had at all.Right after we chewed them our friend asked if we wanted to go for a drive cause he had a few stops to make and we thought it would be fun. It was dark out, and about 20min into the ride I started to trip. I live in a city that has alot of Steel plants, so there are big smoke stacks & factories everywhere. It looked so weird, and the sky had a purplish tint to it and I just couldnt stop staring out the window. I dont think I said a word the whole ride. I started to see little colours and shapes everywhere, which is normal for me wen I do shrooms so i didnt think it anything out of the ordinary. But then, all of a sudden my mind actually seemed to switch from "awake" to "dream" state. It felt as if i had fallen asleep, because i had felt drowsy, and I had somehow "wandered" into my dream. It looked and felt like a dream, it was crazy! By the time we got home, I was really starting to feel the buzz getting much more intense. Our friend suggested watching the movie "Elf",starring Will Farrell, who is really funny. The first half hour of the movie is half animated, so u c this guy walking around with all these little elves, a cartoon snowman, as well as many talking animals. It was soo funny. All of a sudden, my vision became altered. Everything on the T.V seemed to look almost like lego blocks, thats all i can compare it to. I was so lost in my head that I didnt know what to think. I smoked some weed, which made my buzz even stronger, and this was right at my peek. Everything was moving around, almost wavy, and all of a sudden I just looked around and i was hallucinating more than i ever have in my life. i just started seeing all these walls of colour, and the room seemed to be closing in on me. Then it looked like a wall of checkered boxes almost, and it made a box around me!! This made me feel completely clausterphobic,and i got so panicky i didnt know what to do. From there in, time had absolutely no meaning, and I was so overwhelmed with all the hallucinations all i could think to do was lie down in bed. So we layed down, and then my boyfriend decided to turn the lights off. Wow, I didnt like that idea @ first, and immediately turned them bak on. It felt as if I'd been plunged into complete darkness and couldnt see anything, way to scary. Eventually i turned them off again,and that made my hallucinating even stronger. I have a small room, and all the walls/ceiling seemed to be coming down and closing in on me. Everything was moving and wen i looked at my boyfriends face, he looked like a demon! I got so freaked out, but i was so fucked up i couldnt even move. The whole time i was very scared, and kept trying to relax myself by telling myself everything was ok, and i was safe. I knew i was, but it was just so intense I couldnt even move. We layed there for 4 hours, it came in waves and wen it got stronger i just felt myself slipping away. If i did something, for example we were kissing, and wen we stopped I had no memory of if we had just done it, or if it had been hours ago. Wen we finally got up & turned the lights on after coming down, I felt more disoriented & confused then i ever have in my life. I honestly thought I had just woken up, everything in the past 6 hours felt like some weird dream. Wen the trip was over, i just layed in bed with this warm, fuzzy feeling, and fell right asleep. It felt so good to feel safe after 5-6 hours of complete paranoia, but i would almost compare the psychadelic aspect of this trip to acid, which is very odd considering the small dose I took. But hey, some are better than others, which is why im SOOO glad I didnt take more than I did..

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