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DPT dusting...dreamy

For those that don't know, Dipropyl Tryptamine Hydrochloride (DPT HCl) is a synthetic powder of the same class as 4-HO-DMT, the active hallucinogen in mushrooms.

For those that don't know, Dipropyl Tryptamine Hydrochloride (DPT HCl) is a synthetic powder of the same class as 4-HO-DMT, the active hallucinogen in mushrooms. The trip report guide says not to submit non-mushroom reports, but I think because of the major similarities to mushrooms, that this bears telling to the mushroom crowd.

To protect DPT and its cousin chemicals, I won't talk too much about how I got the DPT. Let's just say that it's technically legal as long as it is not marketed for human consumption, it's relatively easy to acquire through legitimate mail order. Do a little research on the 'Net and you'll find out all you need to know.

The tryptamines (DMT, 5-MEO-DMT, DPT, DIPT, 4-HO-DMT/Psilocybin/Mushrooms, DET, LSD, LAAs, etc) are a class of chemicals which most of us have experienced. They are similar to several other natural chemicals in the brain, like adrenaline and serotonin. They are very closely tied to the chemical processes which cause us to dream; in fact, DPT is one of the gentlest and subtlest tryptamines, but it can easily catapult a quieted mind into dreamspace.

On to the report:
First, a couple of bowls of kind bud were smoked to relax the body and prepare the mind for a swim in the waters of hyperspace. Then, a third bowl was packed in the bong and an incredibly small amount (no more than 5mg) of DPT hcl was sprinkled on the top of the bowl. Holding the flame a half inch or so away from the bowl so as to only vaporize the DPT and some of the pot without raising the temperature above the break-down point of THC or HCL, the gentle smoke was inhaled.

Side-effects are practically nonexistent at this dose. One must take a *lot* of DPT (I once snorted 200mg of DPT, not fun at all and a big waste) to feel the shakes, tenseness, nausea, and churning insides of many other hallucinogens. In fact, DPT is gentler than anything else I've tried -- and that's just about every visionary substance out there.

A few minutes later, in the dark starlit room laying on the comfortable bed, I began to see whirling patterns and huge patterns of color with my eyes closed. Then, the patterns "broke" through the darkness of my eyelids and exposed regions of light that contained vague scenes in them.....

....faces, people interacting with each other, fields of waving multicolored grain, stars spinning with sunspots flaring and melting away, whole solar systems being born and burning out....

I was stunned at how effective this tiny "trial" dose was. I'd taken it just to see if my soul had recovered from the overkill of iffy-quality mushrooms and shitty acid that began my psychedelic career only a year ago. Yet as I meditated, silent and still on my bed, I saw more than I'd ever seen before. It was so easy, effortless, and stress-free.

I can't say enough good things about DPT. When dosed out like this, it's incredibly cheap. You can smoke it for a 45min-1hr trip and be ready to go back to work when you're done! It's incredibly gentle, and is ostensibly legal as long as you're smart about handling it, don't try to sell it, etc.

More reports to come as I try slightly higher doses combined with even deeper meditation......

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