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Mush love

First time

So I'm 38 yrs old and have been a pothead most of my life. I was curious about magic mushrooms after my best friend told me about his experience and my wife had some experience with them as well and loved them.
So I finally got around to growing some of my own which was fun to do. I was unsure of which one to go for ended up with spores of mckennaii and got an 2 all in one bag to grow them in which was super easy but also stressful. It felt like it took longer then what I was reading online. Ended up with about 4-5 oz of some nasty tasting dried up mushrooms so I got a capsule maker love it. On to trips now

So I was very unsure of what to expect from the trip. As I was growing I kept an eye on the very first shroom to grow and that was going to be my first one it ended up being 3.3g dry idk if that was a good idea but I wanted to make sure I had a trip my wife had 3.2g. We broke them up I to small pieces and ate with crunchy peanut butter which helps mask the taste.

On set was fast, about 15 minutes before I felt odd. Started yawning and body felt warm rushes. 30 minutes in and visuals start to warp and move the walls start breathing I notice a painting my kid did the dragon and clouds started to move which was incredible to see the art was alive lol.

As the trip progressed I noticed my eyes closed and opening them was hard I have a hard time remembering everything at this point. I do remember the feeling of falling into a hole and having some visuals of being inside of a donut shape but not like the middle like but like the hollow part of ring pool float. It had stripes in diagonal spiraling around I don't remember it having color more like black and white. I lose the ability to talk for quite some time. Every so often I would sit up and gasp for air and open my eyes and say to my wife I'm back before returning to the void.

I wish I could recount more of the experience. The whole thing lasted about 5 hours and the come down was nice and easy which is not always the case I will find out the next few time nothing crazy just headaches and eye aches if that makes sense.

So far no other trip has felt as intense as the first time even taking 5g I wonder if that shroom was just a bit more potent. 

Mush love everyone thanks for reading and commenting 
Hope you have a fun and safe trip

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