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Downtime in Holland

Well, it all started months before we even tripped here in America when one night we were using another kind of mind expanding drug and we decided to go to Europe.

Well, it all started months before we even tripped here in America when one night we were using another kind of mind expanding drug and we decided to go to Europe. (Remember kiddies, DO NOT make any life changing decisions while under the influence of drugs. Don't be like me.) Well after saving up for months and weathering many hardships we finally made it to the Holy Land. I'm not talking about the Middle East, I'm talking about Amsterdam. (You know you feel the same way.) So after walking, riding trains and hitching rides we fianlly got there and was so tired we got to our room and fell asleep. The very next day we wandered the city. We came across a "Smart Shop" and decided to see just what they had inside. Boy were we impressed. Never before had we been a situation where we could buy mushrooms "over the counter". So myself and my two good friends and traveling companions each purchased a portion and ran back to our room with the precious cargo in our hot little hands. On the way back we grabbed a pizza and some drinks. Once we got back we tore into the pizza and ate the whole thing in like three seconds.(I mean hey, we're in Amsterdam, you know we had the hardcore munchies.) After we finished, we layed around for a little while and turned on the radio. I don't know if you've ever been exposed to music in Europe but... let's just say it's a little less than cool. (No offense to my European brothers and sisters.) After an hour or so of listening to the insipid music, suddenly the music became really cool and everything adopted and orange quality of light. Even though we were in a run down room, everything looked really cool. I became enamored with an Indiglo watch and the alarm clock. My campanions went from staring at the wall to staring out the window to staring at the wall again to playing with an electronic pocket translator that had hangman on it. (Try playing hangman in German or French.) Soon we were laughing our asses off,(Excuse my French.) and I found I couldn't stop talking even if I tried. Next thing I know I'm getting jumped by my friends(all in good fun) because I wouldn't shut up and I was speaking complete nonsense and we're laughing so hard we can't see. After the beating ended, I picked up my companion's camera and started snapping pictures. I don't know if it was the mushrooms, or just natural talent, but those are some amazing pictures. Soon we were all sleeping like babies. The next day we tripped again but this time we walked around the city. And that is a whole story in itself and I will save it for another report.(This is not recommended if you don't know the place you are at REALLY good as I spent a good 10 hours lost and completely incoherent and unable to get directions good enough to find my way home.) Remember to trip safely.


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