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I like lost my every self of me and it was scary…

Scary and concerning trip

I was in an optimistic kind of mood and been going through some depressing things with friends/ex/emotions. I usually take 4g normally and feel incredibly happy, slightly anxious, but I’m okay by myself. This time it’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve done them and I took 3.5 to start and thought 30minutes later this isn’t enough (golden teacher home grown btw) so I took another 2 and I felt it coming super fast and within 30minutes it started and I was very anxious, while home alone. Very soon after these light shields and forms of colors started flying around and taking over my vision and at this time my sister and her husband came home and I rushed downstairs and kind of played it off and layed on the couch. Then I felt my breathing was non existent so I called my sister over secretly and told her kind of what was going on and I felt alot better. As soon I went back upstairs my mind shot downstairs and it went away from where I was and I got lost???? I didn’t know who I was or where I was? I jumped back into my positions every once in awhile but I was gone?! I started the freak out and thought this is it and I’m done my mind is fked and I’m gone forever and somehow I had told my sister to take me to the ER so I wouldn’t die or have a heart attack from the panic. This was mad scary is this just cause I took to much or wasn’t in the right mood for it? This haunts me just like my DMT breakthrough, except the breakthrough had me crying after and I was super happy but slightly traumatized but I couldn’t do nothing about it cause I was like paralyzed and had to let it happen.

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