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Adventure through fun and the details...

So finally got my hands on shrooms when my friend got some.

So finally got my hands on shrooms when my friend got some. So me and him decide to eat the shrooms round about 5 o'clock. A lot between the two of us, I was surprised that the taste didn’t bother me at all. It didn’t mind the taste at all, strangely even liked it in some way.

My friend had done them before, but this was my first time and I knew it was better to take them and go chill, but after taking them we got the call for a party going on later on that night. So we drive to the house the party is at and get there at about 6 to chill until the party starts. We both start tripping a little bit, we eat some more shrooms between me my friend and another friend who was interested in giving it a shot. We finished off the shrooms and poured the rest of the juice in some Gatorade and threw in some grapes in there. After the juice was done, I don’t know if it was the effects of the grapes or not but the grapes just exploded with flavor in my mouth. They were the best grapes ever

We had all been out back in this chill area on the back porch just enjoying coming into our trip. It was like the start of a roller coaster when you are slowly creeping towards the top before the big drop into all the action and corkscrews...

The "Rollercoaster Ride" was just about to start when the remaining people who were at the house said they were leaving for a while to pick up some booze and other stuff for the party. We were all jus dazed and were just like "okay" as they left. Then as the door shut behind us my friend jumps up and excitedly says "Do you know what they did... they just left 3 kids on Shrooms the house alone!" We all burst into a fit of laughter. Seemed like we were laughing forever (I noticed time moves soooo slow on shrooms) we smoked some crip and chilled for a little bit. Then suddenly the dog comes to the glass door, it’s an old old mopey dog but a lovable one. We all laughed as it slowly creeped its way outside and then looks at us and proceeds to take a big dump in the backyard, Yea I know it's immature and childish... but who cares... we laughed and laughed and this is what actually started the real trip, the steep climb for the rollercoaster was over and I was off on a wild adventure.

We all suddenly went and explored the house by ourselves. Each one looking at different things. We had all been in this house countless times but everything was new and exciting. I wandered into the person’s house's sister’s room and it was amazing. There was a red tint to the light and dozens of teddy bears everywhere, I suddenly found myself amazed by all the lights and colors and teddy bears. It was during this time I started getting very deep into thought, my inside mind was analyzing everything, the past, certain things that have been going on recently, It was amazing, I straight away reached for my phone because I wanted to write down all these feelings and thoughts rushing through my head. I was basically coming to the conclusion that too many people I know (and even me to a little extent) have been too focused on the details, caring too much about little things and that really it all comes down to having fun, enjoying life and simply being happy. One can be happy if you just strip down all the paranoia, the worry, the anxiety for things that really aren’t that important. In essence, the devil is in the details, so take a step back and enjoy yourself.

My friends found me in this zombie like state typing franticly all these thoughts down on my cell phone and laughed; I turned and laughed with them. We were all feeling great. I went to the bathroom, looked at myself was about to check franticly how I looked for the party about to happen and then realized what my mind had just been preaching.. "The devils in the details just don’t care and have fun" So I thought, ok, forget how my hair is looking; I'll just go out and have fun. A group of us went outside and smoked some more crip and this is when I realized that smoking weed is absolutely enhanced while on shrooms, I had heard that it was, but had no idea how good and chill it can be.

So the party kicked off sometime later and I can understand why shrooms aren’t called a "social drug" for parties and stuff, but I was still able to have a good time. Everyone for the most part knew some of us were tripping on shrooms. At one point on the night a friend rushes in claiming a group of kids that have been butting heads with our group of kids were finally coming to fight. I was completely confused and me and my friend talked about this being the most confusing/craziest point of the trip. I didn’t really know what was going on or not, all I knew was I grabbed some absurd cooking utensil and was about to swing at the first sight of any of the kids that were looking for trouble. Turns out it wasn’t the kids but a couple of car loads of girls... That certainly unsettled me a little bit, but I was able to calm down quickly. As long as you’re always able to tell yourself you’re stronger than the drug and you’re taking it to have a good time you will be GREAT!

It was at this point that I noticed just looking at people or getting into conversation with people I was able to tell them from the inside, see them from the inside, its hard to understand but I could easily see certain people at the party for what they were things like looking at someone and realizing that she is just a "Girl not really wanting to get drunk, getting drunk cause everyone else is." Or "That kids trying to hard to fit in" Even with couples I could feel an aura "I really sense those two really love each other" and also, sadly I also noticed that one of the relationships of my friends is somewhat abusive not physically but verbally.. I don’t think I would have picked up on it if I had not been on the shrooms.

Anyways, the whole party scene was becoming too much because seriously every person I was looking or seeing Id have this profound ability to see them for what they were, my background history, how long I knew them all this stuff would come into effect just by looking at someone, my brain was on overload. So I retreated to the "chill spot" out back and talked and laughed with some friends. The party went on with me taking it easy, just relaxing and having a good time.

Me and my friend (also on shrooms) decided to get out of there later on and go get something to eat, the rest of the night is a pretty wild adventure driving from place to place, hooking up with some girls whilst in the most extreme "come down chill" that I’ve ever had and then finally some more weed on the beach before calling it a night and going home.. (At 7 in the morning...)

Anyways, Shrooms are awesome, Next time I’m going to take them in a real chill environment because I bet the effect is even more beautiful. But even shrooming while at a party was a great experience and not bad in anyway.

Thanks for reading guys,


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