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don't trip at the mall

My two friends and I all ate a hand full each of fresh cyans last Thursday (Dec 26, 2002).

My two friends and I all ate a hand full each of fresh cyans last Thursday (Dec 26, 2002). This was my and my both of my friend's first time tripping and it was one of the most insightful and meaning full experiences of my life. We ate them in my room at about 4:00pm or so, about 20 or 30 minutes after eating them we started to feel the effects coming on. We wandered into the kitchen to get a drink of water when we noticed stuff was starting to get weird. The bush outside the kitchen window was alive! The branches were slowly moving, almost like it was waving at me, I pointed this out to bill (Jim was in the bathroom at this time) but bill had not taken as much as I had and said it looked like everything was sorta wavy. When Jim came in I told him about the bush aswell and he said, "that’s fuckin awesome". After talking a little in the kitchen we decided to go to Jim’s house to meet his sister, my girlfriend, and we all were going to the mall to do some after Christmas shopping. I asked my dad (who knew I ate the shrooms) if I could go to the mall, he said I could be then he started to lecture me about getting the fuck away from bill if he started freaking out and acting stupid. As I was starting to leave I exclaimed in excitement "whoa, it looks like there’s spiders running towards your sandwich" he laughed and told me to be quite cause my mom was sleeping. Bill and Jim were outside telling my neighbor that we had just eaten the mushrooms we had found. My neighbor is one of my best friends, and he is the one who got me into magic mushrooms, he is in his forties and he still loves to trip. I noticed that his house was moving toward and away from me in my peripheral vision. After talking to him for a few minutes we finally set off on our journey to Jim’s house (about a block away from mine). We got about half way down our street when we all burst out laughing after I pointed out how stupid putting deer out on your lawn for Christmas was. We walked by slowly pointing and laughing and making jokes about them. All of a sudden we realized we had been walking for hours, when in reality it was only about 45 seconds or so, we looked behind us to see my house about 50 feet away and we all started laughing again. All the way to Jim’s house he kept saying how awesome the shrooms felt, I agreed and stated that it was like being sober times a million, it didn't have any of the confusion or cloudiness weed had. Jim and I swore we would never smoke weed again, because we likened the weed high to being stupid and in a cloudy bubble but mushrooms made you smart and everything was crystal clear. I understood how we are supposed to eat mushrooms to help us understand things in a new light, Its hard to explain the feeling but I just knew that magic mushrooms are magic on purpose and that we are supposed to eat them. When we got to Jim’s house I told my girlfriend (his sister) we had eaten the mushrooms, she was cool with it. Let me take moment to tell you a little about my girlfriend, she has had many horrible and traumatic things happen to her and consequently she has mental health problems (split personalities), which I am NOW aware of how bad they actually are. So we all set off for the bus stop, about 4 or 5 blocks away, Jim and I are still going up. The walk was very fun because of all the beautiful landscaping; we were in this lush, dark green mushroomy world. We all tried to tell my girlfriend what it was like, and she discussed with us the benefits and uses of natural drugs. We just barely catch the bus, we get on and sit in the back with some skateboarders (my girlfriend, Jim, and I are skateboarders as well) I would have sparked up a conversation with these guys but they were shady and I did not trust them. They were speaking in low tones about us and I thought they were planning to jump us and rape my girlfriend once we got off the bus (I now realize they were just telling each other we were tripping). This is where things started to go down hill, when we got to the mall we started peaking. We walked through the mall and stopped at the chocolate shop where I met an old friend I hadn't seen in 2 years or so. He is very very insecure about himself and when you talk to him he fidgets with things and tenses up his muscles in embarrassment, this plays apart in my trip later so remember this. So we got to the food court and my girlfriend and I leave Jim and Bill to do there own thing. So my girlfriend and I go into sears or something, I am listen to her complain about people being rude and how the store people putting clothes in stupid orders and what not. I kept telling her to relax and every thing was just fiiiiinnnnnne. I said this so many times she got really annoyed and mad at me. Not only was mad but also a little scared because I was acting so weird. She started to yell at me and told me to go away. But I really needed her because I didn’t know where I was or how to get back with out her and I started to get scared thinking that she didn’t love me anymore. To sum it up I was getting a really cold angry vibe off her, which was a very unpleasant feeling. Then I started to look at other people and I could feel all of the hate and fear they had inside them. I could see all of their insecurities and the masks they put on to hide their fear. They hide behind things such as buying the newest clothing, acting all tough and mean towards everyone else. Things like that. Ok, back to the story; so as I was seeing and feeling all this I looked inward to myself. What I saw was horrible, I was just as insecure as everyone else was, I had so much built up inside, fear, hate, denial, and an unbelievable amount of pain. I saw that I had formed a shell around all that negativity and hide it deep inside myself so I can not see it. It caught me so off guard because all this time I thought I was perfectly fine. As I was realizing all this my girlfriend and I went into a baby clothes store, right as we walked in I looked around and everyone in the store was a terrifying demon, they had long sharp teeth and pointed ears. Some had horns others had huge mouths, they were all grinning at me. We only got about 4 feet into the store when I turned around, grabbed my girlfriend’s arm and told her we needed to leave RIGHT NOW. As we were walking away I kept looking back at the demon store and one of the demons winked at me. We made our way back to the food court because we were both really hungry and we were supposed to meet Bill and Jim there. Needless to say they were no where to be found. Trying to order food was one of the hardest thing I have ever done, the lady at the cash register did not speak English that well so when she talk it sounded like this: utrewl feeerll pingtedddreedn ssssseeeeetdsvaalnnn. After 5 or 6 minutes of this angry oriental lady spouting gibberish I finally figured out what I needed to pay her. The food I got was so greasy it was shiny and sparkly and after a few bites I got worried I would never finish it, at this point I could tell I was starting to come down but time distortion was still pretty intense. As we were eating I noticed that my girlfriend was happy again and was talking to me and smiling. After that we went to the bus stop were she started to get depressed about me doing drugs and she was saying how uncomfortable she felt about me doing them, and she just stopped talking to me. The bus ride was uneventful so I’ll fast forward to the walk home from the bus stop. We were joking around having fun, and she starts to do this screaming maniacal freak laugh, I throw my arms around her and she just falls to the ground, I am still holding onto her and we are both still laughing. As she is sitting there she gets mad at me and says,” my new pants are dirty you asshole” and runs she across the street in front of a bunch of traffic. I am still coming down while all this is happening so things are still breathing a little and every type of stimulus is still very intense. This is where she goes completely insane, she starts talking to people who aren’t there and is saying things that make no sense at all, example, I’m going to live in a duck when I grow up. Weird shit like that. So by now we are at her house, where we find Bill and Jim. Apparently they had gone to Spencer’s and blew all their money on psychedelic trip toys. Jim’s room was awesome. I told Jim about how his sister was acting and he nodded and said something to the effect of “ I know dude, she’s scary huh? After talking with him for some time I run home to get my 4 year old sister because she needed to be watched, as I was running home I felt light as a feather, it felt so good to be alive, I wanted to do a million things all at once. When I jumped I felt like I could fly if I tried hard enough. I brought my sister back to Jim’s house and we all just hung out and chilled. It was about 9:30pm and my step dad was all mad because I wasn’t home yet, I just laugh to myself at how angry he got over silly things that were not worth getting mad at. I tried to explain this to him and tell him that everything is great but this only made him more angry. Once home I eat some food and watch the matrix as I returned to baseline again. The mushrooms left me feeling so happy to be alive. Even though the expirience had its low points it was well worth it, i have learned some life long lessons, my advice is know your stuff then GO EAT SOME MUSHROOMS. Its been about three or four weeks now since then and I am going to trip next weekend with my girlfriend and Jim in a pine forest where the forest floor is completely covered in moss, and all kinds of weird mushrooms are growing everywhere. It is a very beautiful place and I know this trip will be great!

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