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First trip (complete newbie)

.5g of PE lemon tek'd + .3g of PE later

I'm not an experienced drug person at all. I drink, but no where near alcoholic level type of drinking, just your average few beers a night after work. I tried weed in high school once and hated it, as I got older I tried it a few more times and had a few decent experiences but mostly just panic. I watched mi madre take anti-depressants all throughout my childhood and few years back I started noticing a big difference in everything about herself. Eventually I brought it up and asked and she said she started taking shrooms once or twice a month and she was finally able to stop her anti-depressants and is as happy as can be. Which led me down a huge rabbit hole of research since I grew up in the DARE times of school education and thought Acid burned a hole in your brain.

I deal with some of the same depression/anxiety/panic attack types of stuff as my mom so I got super excited about the possibility of trying mushrooms since as I've gotten older I've become increasingly nihilistic, but was terrified at the fact I know weed is supposed to be super chill and it wrecks the hell out of me for weeks.

Eventually I was able to get my hands on about 6g of PE. Later that day when work was over, I went to kitchen to prepare .5g (give or take .1g-.2g since my scale didn't show anything past .1gs). Soaked it in lemon juice for about 25 mins, took a big chug and said here goes nothing.

I prepared our guest room to be a little chill trip room for myself. Brought a chile pepper plant I was growing outside inside the room so I'd have something earthy to look at since the room was really plain. I also had some awesome trip music in my headphones from the Field Trip app I found for trips. Took about 20mins or so before I started to notice the pattern on the ceiling looking EXTRA intriguing for some reason. I didn't think much of it, relaxed and continued listening to the music for about another 20mins. I decided to text my mom that I was doing my first mini trip and when I looked at my phone it was like the phone looked kind of magnified, like someone put a weak magnification lens over my eyes. But I couldn't tell if that was just a placebo effect. So I laid my head back down, but right when I did that and focused on the music I got hit with a fucking tidal wave of emotion for some reason. It wasn't bad or good, just a massive wave of 'emotion' best way I could describe it. I think I was just really relieved to finally be able to try mushies for the first time after about 1.5 years of wanting and research.

About 15mins later I caught myself staring at my right arm hair. That shit was mesmerizing to me, the way the light was hitting it and the way it all lay in the same direction, I couldn't stop looking at it. It was at this moment I knew, "ok i'm definitely feeling this." I got up and stared at the chile pepper plant for a few minutes, then stuck my nose next to it and took some huge deep breathes in and just enjoyed the smell of the soil and the smell of the plant. Then I got this crazy urge that I needed to go outside in the back yard. So i took a quick little pee and walked downstairs and grabbed my girlfriend and said I was going outside. Put my headphones back in and as I walked outside, I got slammed in the face with super intense colors of the blue sky, the green grass, red cups with some chile pepper seedlings in them. It was so vivid like I had HD glasses on. I tried describing it to my girlfriend. It was like those videos of color blind people putting on those glasses to allow them see colors for the first time. Or for the PC gamers, it's like playing a game with shitty color so you open up the nvidia control panel and slide up the digital vibrance so it looks better.

So I spent the next 4-4.5 hours just chilling on this massive big pillow we have on the patio watching the sky and listening to music until sunset. About 2 hours in I decided to lemon tek'd another pill which was about another .3g to make it last a little longer.

Things I noticed:
- I didn't have any visuals, there was a little bit of something when I would look at the grass but not directly where I looked it seemed to be a little wavy on the outsides of my vision and only when the music was playing.
- This didn't feel anything at all like marijuana. I've read a lot about people talking about a "body high" and that made me nervous cause that's one thing I hate about weed is the way my body feels, that buzzing feeling in the body. But I didn't get any of that, which that could just be because I didn't do a high dose. But hoping not.
- I really had no desire to eat the entire time even though I didn't have any food before hand
- When I got outside and spent a few minutes out there, one of my first thoughts was "damn, I need to go further down the rabbit hole" and wished I had taken a bit more, but glad I didn't for my first time dipping my toes in mushies, let alone any psych substances.

I'm giving my self until the weekend (3 days) and I'm going to up the dose to 1.25g lemon tek'd and will report back on what that was like.


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