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Serenity at the lake

Why I use psilocybin

I was at a nice winter retreat in the mountains (a cheap cabin in the middle of bumfuck nowhere) and decided to take ~10g of mushrooms with me. The whole stay was about a week and a half and I was hesitant to take a lot because I like to enjoy the simple things. I get there with the others with me who had no idea I had mushrooms at all late at night. The first couple of days were mostly work. Getting the cabin organized, unpacking, setting up the campfire, exploring, etc.

It was the 5th night when one guy spots a lake about 3/4 miles away on the GPS and decides to go early morning fishing. I decide to go as well and take the first dose of the trip (3g dry).

I wake up that morning before the sun comes up, we got our bait the night before by poking around the dirt of a smaller lake closer to the cabin, we prepared all of our fishing equipment and just before leaving, I took a 'bathroom break'. I actually did need to use the bathroom but decided to take that opportunity to dose.

Everything went perfectly. We set off on foot, following a dirt road while it was still dark and got to a section where we needed to traverse the thick wood and grabby brush right as the sun peeked over the few clouds there were on that day. I felt it kick in a couple minutes before reaching that point however, and was sufficiently in the mindset to withstand the thorns of federally protected forest. I was half-expecting some hog or other small creature to scurry around us, but there was no such animal that morning. After what seemed like an eternity of struggling with those damned thorns, the lake is slowly revealed. Getting closer, my focus and determination to reach a clearing grows -- as does the lake. We get to the lake and I was greeted with the most picturesque lake I've ever had the pleasure of fishing in. At this point, I'm still coming up and begin to get that 'loose' feeling one gets on just a bit too much alcohol. The guy that was taking me to the lake set up both of our fishing rods and we went ahead and casted them. Not the whole time there did we catch a single fish.

I didn't feel any disappointment, however, because the morning light revealed a beauty of nature that to this day, many months after the trip, I am still in awe of. The vibrant green tree line glowed in the rising sun. The lake began to spark with silver, and the crisp morning cold was a relief to my soul. A sort of healing of the spirit that comes from the radiating waves of warmth. The baby blue sky was carefully spotted with stark white clouds, and a faint purple and darker blue energy swirled with the soft wind hitting my cheek. 

I began to hear music. A careful and delicate chorus arose from what sounded like ice forming. It began to intensify; a subtle rhythm, a soft beating of drums began to overtake the chords and filled me with an energy and spirit that can only be described as magical. Washed in sound, I take a seat on a log to fully appreciate it all. The wind begins to blow harder and with each gust, the trees bow and the leaves are streaked in the same purple and blue energy. Truly, I cannot describe how beautiful it all was.

After some time, I decided to head back to camp a bit early and alone since my fiancé was soon to wake up and I wanted to spend some time with her. The hike back was a bit dodgy and I purely relied on my sense of direction to find my way out the forest. 20 mins of drudgery passed and I figured it was taking a bit too long, so I pulled out my phone and used the GPS the rest of the way there. I didn't feel any panic, just a continuing mystical experience until I got to the main road. The walk was a bit far, and the sound of moist gravel shifting under my feet at each step started a march. Another song. The march was oddly triumphant even though nothing was caught, I'm guessing subconsciously, it felt like a triumph because of the amazing lake experience or because the thorny brush had been tugging on my favorite jeans for so long. Either way, I made it all the way back to the cabin and had some cheesy eggs and toast, and a coffee with milk all prepared by my fiance and wives of the other guys. 

11/10, I wish I could go back in time and relive it all.

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