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Amanita from Heaven to HELL

Amanita from Heaven to HELL

Always get fermented then dried amanita muscaria, as that removes most if not all potential toxins.

2g experience: wonderful. Deep relaxation, superb mind clarity, time slows down, a decade long chronic stomach and intestinal yeast, gas, bloating and cramps gone for the 8 hour duration of the effects. Relaxed muscles and nerves. More strength, I could do things with more ease than before, stronger legs. When I walk I feel like I’m being pulled from my shoulders toward the sky, almost weightless. My reflection looks like a giant. My eyesight was a little less than perfect, the shrooms made it perfect. Wonderful realistic dreams and sound sleep at night. This is the only dose I'll ever do. I'll also try 0.5g daily microdosing. Sometimes I take a tiny hit of different legal cannabinoids at the same time as the shrooms. 
For 48 hours I feel occasional euphoria, bursts of ecstatic energy, 150bpm psychedelic trance music sounds incredible and makes me dance non stop, when I look at colorful LED lights I can't help it but smile. There’s a pleasant glow around the LED light bulbs like an aura. Kids' cartoons look amazing and are very enjoyable. Taking a giant hit of delta-8 24 hours after the 2g shroom trip, yielded out of this world closed eye psychedelic effects, more amazing than anything I've experienced with LSD or psilocybin. Visuals, sensations, all of that. HEAVEN FOR 3 HOURS. Then multiple most amazing and enjoyable dreams. Not really dreams but actual trips to alternate realities and parallel universes. Use of all senses in those “dreams,” some lucid, some not. I could feel the wetness of the water, the air on my face, I could hear music, I have coherent conversations with other people in those “dreams.” Worlds more detailed than this one, crisp, clear, bright. I cross the street where I shouldn’t and a guy honks at me. And so on. 

2.5g started out wonderful but at about 3 hours got into a thought loop, read below about my 5g experience to see what I mean by that. When the loop was gone I had amazing dreams. Overall good experience but wouldn’t do that much again. 

3g not as pleasant. 

5g would never repeat. 8h loop repeating "this started 5 mins ago," but because I had no short term memory I could never finish the thought, which would've been trying to figure out when it will end. At about 5 hours I was able to get up from my bed and walk around the house, but when I went back to bed I completely forgot that I had gotten up. Then an hour later I not only remembered that I had gotten up and walked, but also every detail, like who I saw through the window, what they were wearing and so on. Later the same thing happened again. 

7g HELL. I didn't experience any of the common high dosage effects, neither the good nor the bad. But what I believe was caused by my underlying health issues (a lot of damaged nerves and poor blood circulation) the negative effects were much worse than anything reported. I only remember eating the caps, smelling some essential oils and then I found myself in bed in EXTREME muscle and nerve pain over my entire body and especially lower back. I could just repeat "I'll never do this again" over and over. I can't tell how long I felt the pain and how many times I repeated that sentence due to having no short term memory. So I might have been in this horrific pain for the entire 8 hours, or I might have only occasionally woken up and felt the pain. Right as this started, at 2h of taking the amanita caps, I had a vivid realistic and lucid dream of peeing myself in bed. When I woke up I touched my sheets and thought they were dry. 8h later when the trip started decreasing in strength I could smell the urine all over my bed. I tried to get up, the pain was so extreme that I couldn't. Only at 12 hours I was able to get up, eat a little bit of peanut butter, go to the bathroom and back to bed still in great pain. When I got up I noticed the bathroom door wide open. I'd never under normal circumstances leave the door open, nor do I remember getting up after I took the mushrooms, so that part is a total blackout. 
The worst pain started at 20h of taking the mushrooms. The next day my right foot was swollen, the nerves at the top of the foot were in pain, the bottom of my foot was swollen, lots of broken blood vessels, bruising and severe pain. No position in bed was comfortable, it all hurt for 2 days. Impossible to sit, extremely hard to walk or stand up, impossible to bend. Also got a pinched nerve in my rib at the worst possible location, which made sitting or bending impossible. Exactly 3 days later no pain as long as I am not moving. Pain when switching sides in bed is less. Certain body movements are now possible, easier, less painful. Muscle pain all over my body, some of it started two days later. Muscle cramps all over my body. Walking, and standing still extremely painful, sitting still impossible, but a little bit less painful, bending even a little still impossible. 4 days later I can bend and pick up small things from the floor. No doubt I'll fully recover within 30 days, but I'll never do anything more than 2g. When it comes to seeking enlightenment with the help of legal substances I'll stick to cannabinoids. I do believe those were unique negative side effects due to my underlying health issues, but still people should be warned that such things are possible. Negative side effects not reported before are possible for certain individuals. 

Vaping cannabinoids such as delta-8 and CBD increases circulation, among other things and definitely is helping speed up the recovery. It’s also helping me sleep. It decreases pain only very slightly, but eases my mind tremendously to where it takes my mind from the pain to a considerable extent. Without the cannabinoids this would’ve been a much worse hell. 
I noticed that things get better with up to 3 small hits of cannabinoids spread evenly throughout the day, but when I took a lungful the nerve damage and pain worsened. 5 days later I decided to stop vaping just in case. 
By day 6, muscle pain went away, foot swelling and pain started decreasing, but the lower back and hip nerve damage is as painful and debilitating as before. I don't expect that to ease up for at least 30 days anyway.  

Amanita Muscaria has great potential in helping quit addictions. I occasionally binge on sugar which has horrible effects on my health but nothing has ever helped me stop. Now all I have to do is take 2g and the cravings lessen to where I have control over my urge. I get the same effect with delta-8/THC-O Indica ratio vape blend, as well as HHC-P(10%)/HHC (85%) blend. So luckily I have found the cure to my sugar addiction in multiple legal substances. 

Takeaway, START AT 2G, WORK YOUR WAY UP IF NECESSARY, BUT NEVER INCREASE BY MORE THAN 1G PER TRIP! Also, people with nerve damage or circulation problems should never take more than 2g. 

I think the best use of these mushrooms is to take 2g 2 hours before bed and enjoy some amazing trips to alternate realities and other dimensions. Those are usually the effects from much higher doses too except that with higher doses even if you’re not ready for sleep you fall asleep and have those experiences, but at a potentially huge cost, as most people end up hating taking large doses

Bookmark this report if it interests you because I’ll be posting updates till I fully recover. 

Update 5/21/2023, day 7: Suddenly at midnight I regained a lot of functionality in my muscles and nerves, and I was able to do most yoga positions I usually do. It's still painful to walk, sit or bend, but noticeably improved. In fact tonight is the first time since it happened that I can actually sit for a few seconds, without excruciating lower back pain. 

Update 5/24, day 10: It's much easier to walk, mostly healed other than the lower back, which at this rate will recover within 30 days. I had a similar problem out of a single dose of suboxone years ago. Before I got sick I never had a problem with suboxone, so my bad reaction was due to my health issues. People without nerve damage and circulation problems shouldn't have such issues. But people with MS, vasculitis and similar conditions should definitely avoid this mushroom. 

Update 5/25, day 11: I was up on my feet for 2 hours today, and was able to take care of all my needs. Took a shower, deodorized bed, changed sheets, did laundry. So starting today 11 days later I can take care of myself again. It's still painful and not easy but doable, so that's a relief. 3 more weeks I should be back to normal. 

Update 5/29, day 15: I can finally now sit. So basically I can now do anything I used to before except it's harder and still painful, but far not as bad as before. Bending and lifting are the only two things that are still the hardest, but doable so I'm not complaining. I could now walk to the store 5 mins away, but that would overexert me and might slow recovery, so I'll wait. 

6/15, day 30: Still have some lower back pain, and some bruising on my foot. 

7/10, day 55: Bruising finally completely gone, swelling 99.9% gone, everything back to normal except some pain over my pinky toe if I press on it, but that continues improving. 

Now doing 1.5g to 2g every other day, as I feel some nice subtle effects for 48 hours. The power of this mushroom is in microdosing. Any amount over 2g is a risk and not worth it. If you want a psychedelic trip, go for psilocybin, this mushroom is for gentle (yet powerful) healing and needs to be greatly respected. Microdosing gives me serenity, mind clarity, deepest relaxation, muscle relaxation, powerful pain relief, relaxes my stomach and intestines, got rid of yeast on my lips, helps me get to deeper meditative states during my meditation, senses intensified, good solid sleep with the most amazing and unique dreams, gives me full control over my lucid dreams, gives me more strength, while it’s so deeply relaxing if I do need to do something I easily can and I even get more energy than usual, improves blood flow, fixed my vision, it’s helping regenerate my damaged nervous system and brain, depression and anxiety gone, music sounds wonderful and colored lights look very pleasant. During meditation heard a choir of angels singing in their high pitched voices, while a white light started appearing till it took over my entire field of vision, I became it and then came back to my regular reality. 

I took 25mg of HHC gummy at 2pm, 1h later a small hit of CBD, at 9pm 2g of Amanita. I had the most powerful closed eye psychedelic experience. It was as powerful as salvia without any of the negative effects. I had absolute clarity and serenity during the experience. Then at around 1am I had a small jar of Nutella, then at 3am had a cappuccino, which gave me energy, alertness and even more clarity. After the visuals faded out, I felt like on MDMA, so much love, relaxation and clarity. 

Basically 2g of those shrooms make any other drug, be it cannabinoids, caffeine or something else, even better. 

I repeated the exact dosage and this time at first I was in a dimension where all there was was a crystal palace where my Higher Self resides, a heaven. I realized I was in this world of misery so that I can have the particular experience, to experience something different. But once I heal, once I awaken my spirit I’ll be forever free. 
After the spiritual experience I got up and started making divine moves to some trance music, like spirals with my hands. 

From Heaven to Hell to Nirvana… It’s all about the dosage. 

P.S. I noticed that unlike psilocybin and other psychedelics which decrease in effects if you do them two days in a row, those mushrooms actually have stronger effects if you do them on two consecutive days. They appear to stay in your system for full 48 hours, so when you have them again the next day, say 2g again, the second time you’re actually having perhaps something closer to 3g, as maybe a gram from the previous dose is still active in your body. That’s why I don’t do two days in a row any more because I only like 2g dosages. 

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