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dog freak outs

The second time i had ever shroomed i did it with a couple of buddies of mine.

The second time i had ever shroomed i did it with a couple of buddies of mine. I however was the only one shrooming. right after i took them(2 caps and 4 stems) i was playing checkers. i was doing farely well but we were at a checkers stand still so we took a smoke out break and we got my dog extremly high cause every one was blowing hits in her face.

when i came back about a half hour after i initally took them i was triping hard. i kept trying to tag other checkers in witch i guess was agaist the rules.

I was in a really destructive mood and wanted to break stuff. but luckly i had enough sceen not to. i was laughing and i was crying pretty much all my emotions were coming out.

I was geting some pretty cool visualls and my mind was going a mile a minut thinking about some umm well nothing really then i foung out my dog ate a pack of ciggerets. my buddys had left a little after that cause i was weirding them out.

I guess the nicotine effected my dog some how and she started runing around my house all crazy like and barking at me. She was freaking out. I was freaking out. it was a mutuall freak out i guess. all i can really remebers was my dog was barking at me as i was sitting on my bed in a ball and i was really afriad that she would kill me. and she looked really big and i thought i was a munchkin with really long arms

Me and my dog ended up makeing up and i enjoy shrooming with her around cause she makes me laugh and doesne scare me any more.

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