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DMT vape pen - garnetgod

First experience with DMT

Garnetgod here. 

Recording my first ever experience with DMT 2 days ago.

My friend T picked me up from my house about 730am for us to head out to our mining claim to dig for garnets. We are on a very curvy winding highway up in the mountains doing about 55mph, when I took my first puff of the vape pen. My buddy insists a good 3 hits at the least for a breakthrough, for whatever reason I could only get in 2 before it was done. Hallucinogens of all sorts tend to hit me a little harder than some others.

 First hit, I hit as hard and long as I could and held the hit in as long as possible too. It tasted like absolute shit. My arms and fingers went very warm and numb. 

I take the second hit, just as big and long if not more so, and hold it in as long as I could too. At this time, I'm looking toward the window to blow my hit out, and realized my entire vision was becoming blurry fast and the song that was playing on the radio faded, auditory hallucinations turned into what sounded like a clock ticking. I heard my friend say something, but couldn't comprehend as I barely heard him. 

I set the pen down in the cup holder and the second I looked up, the lines in the road were lifting off the ground it seemed. The entire road was starting to give an appearance like it was floating underneath of us, and the lines starting to float up off of the road, in a slow squiggly kind of way making their way around us. A guardrail was coming up on my side, it was coming up slower and slower and just seemed to stop for second next to us even though my blurred vision could see the hills behind it still moving past us, we are driving but my mind seemed to take a still picture of the guardrail and left it there in front of me for maybe a full second or two it seemed. At this time I didn't think I was officially going to break through, but was feeling it as intense as it could get. 

So that second I was staring at the guard rail, I decided to lay my head back and close my eyes. The second I closed my eyes, the closed eye visuals were so intense I felt like it was a break through moment even though likely still just consider it "intense closed eye visuals". So what I saw behind my eyelids was not something I was making up, I let it take over and the view I had was looking outward into a desert field with bushes on fire everywhere, and a purple silhouette of a naked bald man about 15 feet away from me, facing in the opposite direction, appearing to pull himself out of the fire in a slow motion sense like he was in quick sand, although I could see every bit of him. A face then comes off of the man, and turns around in a sweeping motion to face me, and comes within a couple inches of my face. The face I was seeing was purple, and now I could see hair, long wavy hair that was floating as if in water. The face was staring me dead in my face, floating there, communicating with me in ways I didn't comprehend in the moment but one word kept coming across my head in that second - my 11 month old daughter's name. It was almost on repeat, the face was spewing information into my face and communicating with my inner mind however the only word I could think of was my daughters name. I opened my eyes, the entire time my eyes were closed for this was maybe 60 seconds. 

As I opened my eyes the open eyed visuals were still prominent yet noticeably slowing down. A semi truck was coming our way in the oncoming lane, and it was fuzzy looking with radial colors outlining it. As it passed, I looked more toward the lines in the road and they were laying back down into their spots, and the detail of the asphalt was becoming more regularly noticeable again. I realized I was coming down fast, and remembered that when it was first coming on my friend had said something I didn't comprehend and was sure I didn't reply to him. 

So as I was coming down I was able to word out "im doing okay, promise". Silence for about 30 more seconds as I collect myself, and I was feeling normal enough to talk again. So I said holy crap man, that was insane. My friend asked what I felt, and I laughed historically for a moment trying to think about what to even say. Within a total of 5 minutes, I was feeling back to semi normal. 

I will say though. 10 minutes after, feeling normal again, we came up to an AG inspection station in the mountains. Usually they just wave cars on through, but the lonely guy actually stopped us for a sec to ask what we were up to and it kinda wigged me out even though I felt relatively sober at that time. 

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