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4g LEMON TEK 2g tidal wave 2g gt

First trip report

Hey y’all this took place a few nights ago but I wanted to give a trip report on the shroomery this is my first post on here but hopefully not the last I had ~2 gs of z strain and ~ 2gs of tidal wave cubensis I grounded both into a powder and mixed them together into a cup with about a half cup of lemon juice took the shot filled it up with water to get the remaining shrooms and finished it the next is what happened after…

3.8-4.2 lemon tek gross

0:15 nothin yet smoked a joint  then I decided  hoppin in shiwer 

0:15-0:25 take small shower and start to feel good having thoughtful thoughts about family and life getting deep in starting to feel the shrooms but in that state where I’m wondering if it’s placebo 

0:25-35 really start coming up and feeling euphoric slight visuals more like perspective changing dept perception feels off

0:35-0:45 start getting more visuals light looking craazy deep thoughts losing track of time and focusing

45:00 - 1:00 very intense visuals staring in the sky at my ceiling and morphing and had thought if the 2 separate mushrooms made it stronger 

1:-1:30 starting to reach the peak here was previously playing games with friends but couldn’t play had to set the controller down I hop into bed and watch some of the best show when tripping Hamiltons Pharmacopecia and I feel really at piece with the world. 

1:30-2:00 currently at the peak set my phone down in silence and proceed to look at my ceiling watching all the ways it morphs opening my window to look at the fresh snow on the ground and appreciating it as it is not there the whole year. I then start walking around my room in the dark and start looking at different objects while tripping to see how they look .

2:00-4:00 the main part of the trip I took the shrooms at around 11 or 12 so this is well into the middle of the night. I am starting to feel tired but off of the shrooms there is no way I can sleep I lay down in my bed and get my first ever CLOSED EYE VISUALS it was kinda on the come down of the peak but it was amazing I had slight dmt visuals overlaying my eyelids I could barely make out the designs in it but there was definitely stuff moving I spent the next 2 hours engulfing myself in deep thought with these visuals 

4:4:30 realize my main trip is ending and will sleep 

Next day: I still have lingering effects and remember it like it just happened  a super cool trip hope to share more <3 -Efrmdao 

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