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Black scorched earth world with primantice like creatures trying to intrude into me, take parts out of me


Hello, I am going to recount my last experience on mushroom medicine. I can't understand what happened. Usually I take 1g to 1.4 g and see beautiful patterns and get insights, or wisdom . This time around 2 g. (Always golden teacher); I think I opened doorways, I traveled to worlds. I wanted to travel to upper world to meet Jesus( my intention after reading shamanic ways) to ask him to open my heart. I started the trip with a meditation and the mantra saat na ma mantra. Then when it started it was taking me to the middle earth first with curious creatures that saw me and tried to intrude into my shell( where I seems to reside throughout my journey):look at me and asked who am I, some of them asked me if they can devour me piece by piece. After some time ,visions gained purple 🟣 with the patterns, green 💚 color, suddenly ♥️ color and then 🖤 🖤 🖤 color which took me to what I thought hell and I could not get out of it. Hell was all black in color, creatures with blacks pointy limbs , scorpion like( first trip of my I saw 🦂 on my face, so I assumed he is my guardian spirit. And I did let him take me pin his journey ) , thorny like I felt like I was on a scorched earth. They were not gentle, I asked God to pull me out of there. He didn't, I chanted namo gurudev namo, sat namm , father who are in heaven, OM: those mantras they were laughing at but the mantras changed the color of their black 🐈‍⬛ world to purple bits and I was pulled out of there. Then would be thrown back in that black world after opening my eyes. Also I would close my eyes and I felt like I was very really present coming through a doorway into some earthly spirit world, one minute it it would so real ,the other patterns would throw me Off. It seems like before( in the previous journeys my beautiful patterns were just a shield covering doorways), This time I was able to brake through the pattern shield and enter all these like it seemed worlds. Any ideas where I could have traveled? Any insights anyone. I am very new. My husband travelled with me, he hated it. He said he felt like the fungii is trying to take over the human race. They want to live through us. Maybe I experienced his negativity?

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