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Disney: Holders of the The Missing Link

Female, equal to or less than 100 lbs, 17 years old at time of dose.

Female, equal to or less than 100 lbs, 17 years old at time of dose.

A close friend of mine and I had been curious about shrooms for a long time, and finally, a chance came for us to satisfy it. I took a trip to Los Angeles to stay with her for the weekend. After some effort and doubt that we would be able to obtain any magic mushrooms, we got lucky and we able to obtain an eighth, which of course was to be divided evenly between the two of us.
It was interesting for both of us to see what they looked like for the first time. Dry, whitish gray, blue in certain places.

We spent the early evening watching movies and dining on pizza and this apple type of dessert. We were waiting for her grandparents and siblings to settle for the night. We had already ground up the shrooms and mixed them into a strawberry smoothie-like concoction--like a magic potion--while we were home alone.

So that time came, and we downed the beverage as quickly as we could. The taste wasn't glorious of course, but I attribute this to the ingredients used to make the original drink sans mushrooms. Overall, I wasn't very detered by the taste at all.

We decided to trip without anyone with experience, and we stayed in her large room the whole time. There was a couch, a large pull out bed, a television, a table, a stereo, and a large closet. There were many posters and pictures on the walls as well. We were both giddy and anxious in a way, but ready for the experience. My friend said, "If you think of shrooms as your friend, they will be". We had been looking forward to this for quite awhile. We had a lot of trust for eachother and felt completely safe.

After we each finished our half of the smoothie, all we could do is wait. If I remember correctly, it took about 30-45 minutes for it to kick in, and its effects came gradually. The first effects were somewhat distorted perceptions. I'd be walking about the room, and the floor was slanted, similar to trying on glasses at an optometrist's office.
My friend vomited before the shrooms took effect. She attributed the cause to something minor, and was fine otherwise.

Another close friend of mine, who was living on the other end of the country, knew of our intentions and wanted us to call him. So that we did, before it completely kicked in.

He told me a joke, and I kept asking him to elaborate on a certain part of it. He wouldn't tell me because it would reveal the answer to the joke itself. Not knowing this, I became very frustrated in asking him the same question over and over.

I started crying out, tears rolling down my face. Soon enough, he revealed the answer, and I was laughing at myself so hard, realizing that my emotions and reactions were very exaggerated. My friend said that my laugh was the most intense laugh he had ever heard.

As the night progressed, everything was breathing. I would look into the mirror to get a look at my pupils, and would soon enough lean into the mirror or away from it involuntarily.

There were also points where out of nowhere, I would fall to the floor, thrashing, rolling around, and making noises.
One of the things I remember most was my lip balm being all the way across the room. I needed it, and I couldn't even get to it. I was trying to crawl on the floor, but it was so difficult, not only physically, but the floor still looked distorted! I started crying out in frustration, and my friend had to retrieve the balm for me.

Everything had life to it, in one way or another. Walls were moving in as if they were waves in a lake, I saw changing images in the carpet...like happy faces, then sad faces, then lions and template like designs. Note that all of these images appear a lot like the effect that occurs when one takes a flash photo, and you see the spots, lines, and colors. It's just stronger with shrooms.
When my friend put on music and I closed my eyes, I saw a 3-3 daisy, and it was black and white. There were colors swirling in the background, and the flower was spinning, petals being pulled off by an invisible force.

I also became very open, sensual, loving, and accepting of the world. I felt compassion love for people that in reality I don't like at all, and everything seemed beautiful and perfect the way it was. My friend and I sat on the bed, and began talking, coming to the conclusion that Walt Disney Co. held the secret to life, and they had been holding out on the whole world. We in a sense knew that what we were saying was unreasonable, but at the same time we were completely convinced and excited that it was the truth.

Shrooms also opened me up to sexual, affectionate feelings that I wanted to express. My friend and I talked about it recently, and she said she felt the same way. But neither of us admitted it at the time that we were high, so nothing happened.

Shrooms did not let me sleep at all. I became very tired, but I simply couldn't sleep until it wore off considerably. We consumed the shrooms at 9 or 10, and were up until around 4 in the morning.

The next day, I woke up feeling groggy and a bit tired, but that was all.

Next time, I will be doing shrooms out in nature. I will be doing half an eighth again, but one day I want to try a full eighth in hopes of reaching "Level 4" on the scale.
Overall, I had a very interesting, positive experience on mushrooms.

Just do not underestimate their power! Try to accident proof the area you will be in.

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