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unknown amount of penis envy mushroom chocolate bars made me believe i was god.


Please excuse my lack of writing as this is the first trip report ive made to be honest. As i dont want to be banned lets say this happened a long long time ago. Ive recently only been able to process most of it but do have a bit of a hard time remembering every last bit. It was a random night and i had some albino penis envy mushroom chocolate bars, 4g each and had capsules aswell. No idea if i can say the brand but they were goodtrips and some had thc infused into them aswell, i had taken some capsules and chocolates before but nothing crazy has happened some visuals where people had become animated characters on my tv or like really roblox-looking characters as thats the only thing i could relate it to in the moment. Ive watched a ton of videos on these subjects and have since learned my mistakes and have done way way more research and safety guides as watching psyched substance and a lot of Terrance mckenna. Anyways lets get into the trip, i had dome chocolates and capsules left so i basically had taken the rest and didnt care to see how much i was taking, i honestly cant even remember but can say it definately was over the amount of one bar. I cant remember much of the comeup but the entire trip was basically my viewing the start of the universe, the start if the world and it having references that me and my girlfriend would only usually make (good to note she was on facetime this entire time and she had experienced aswell only a couple of pieces and we were very new to tripping) as i saw the word being made and every main piece of history went by i saw references everywhere and then i saw me as a young child since the start of my life and my life leading up to that point, again with references everywhere. i felt a pressure to let go and the only way to propell myself further was to release myself of this human body, this is quite embarrasing and as i was laying in bed i pissed myself i had then had the realization that this was a gift to me, as i had died and viewed my own creation. i was god. me and my girlfriend were god. the entire universe was built on love and it was built for us or i was god and had became a human to experience it myself i cant really tell as im still trying to process it all. i had then had my own futuristic universe and it was heaven, my own heaven and i was the ruler of this dimension and it was so advanced like a wakanda or something but not as traditional in a sense. I had then just fallen u conscious and it was night time with my parents asleep under me, i had woken uo and told myself yo just whenever i woke up i had to go right back to sleep. i had kept waking up with shit moved everywhere and i had forgotten what i told myself. my room is in a mess and my bed was moved around a lot. i remember asking my gf if i was okay and she continued to reassure me. this helped alot. the cycle kept happening and i kept forgetting, and my gf becoming more annoyed with me didnt help and i js thought i was making too much noise  and my parents had heard me. panic set in and i don’t remember much other than thinking my life was over and i had to kill myself, i was about to take the other mushrooms which obv wouldnt have killed me but definately wouldnt help. i stopped myself as i looked ver at my phone and realized my girlfriend didnt deserve this and i had to stay here with her. i kept coming to a realization that everyone dies and ill be remembered as this kid who overdosed so i stopped myself but i also did not care about death as i knew i was god and i would see her again. i stopped. put them away. went to sleep. and the trip was over. my girlfriend obviously worried and that morning or early AM i was crying yo her about what i witnesses barely able to speak. saying that it was an amazing trip just the anxieties after did not help and we probably both shouldve stayed up. theres a lot more that im probably missing but this is my first trip report. sorry for any lack of detailing but i thought it was interesting enough to share. ive learned a lot more and a lot more of my mistakes but ill take any tips you guys have as i’ve definitely done more research. also have some cool dmt trips if youd like. anyways have a tripful day

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