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Paint and wine

0.45g with our friends

Documenting a core memory here. 

March of 2023. 

My wife tells me she is setting up a fun night with our friends for a little "paint and wine". Say no more, I bust out my chocolate mold and grind my last 4.5g of PE. I pre weigh 10 perfect stacks of 0.45g, and make 10 chocolates each with the 0.45g inside. I've found this is a very nice level 1 buzz, and starting to enjoy this weight more than any other. 

I take 4 chocolates with us to our friends house where they made a spectacular dinner for us, a twist on enchiladas in a slow cooker. After dinner we set our kids down for bed, and ate one chocolate each. The setting is dimly lit, dark outside with the scent and sound of rain hitting the desert floor. We step outside for a quick smoke of some herb, and head back in for some painting. 

We get our painting stuff set up, and couldn't really decide on a painting video for us all so we just kinda did our own thing which turned out great. Our friends had some lovely wine to share from their dad's own makings. What a treat of a taste!

An hour or so into painting, we hardly realized the time had passed at all. Beautifully magic laughs and stories exchanged back and forth, it was clear we were all on cloud 9 sector 8. The internal shifts in conscienceness were noticeable, yet subtle with minor waves of not-so-subtle, slightly major euphoria. Amazing company, great friends, tasteful wine, green herb, a mushroom chocolate and painting until the night was no longer young. 

Around 2.5 hours into painting, we realized the time and had also came to a good stopping point. I think myself, wife and her lady friend had completed painting however my buddy (lady friends husband) was just a small river away from finishing. Perhaps it can be seen as abstract with clear water instead, the paintings all looked amazing considering our laughter shared. Unfortunately, it was time for us to part ways and head home. We had a 40 minute drive through the dark wet desert, rain coming down from all directions on the loneliest highway in America. To say the least, I incredibly enjoy driving on this exact weight. Any more, I'd likely not drive. 

In the end, we get home and couldn't stop our excitement of how awesome our night was. Wholesome memories made, in a very spiritually connected sense. Best friends becoming even better friends, and life becoming clearer. 

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