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Tavor 7

Trip Date: Feb 4/2023

I know this trip is the next day after I did my first trip at 750mg(trip report and my background available) but I figure it's low doses for now and I had the time so I went for it. I plan to move up in 750mg increments but decided to do 1.75g instead of 1.5g since I tripped the night before. I figured I could handle 250mg more. 

I woke up and finally got out of bed around 2:00pm, I'm a truck driver so I work late or all night sometimes and like to sleep in late. Since I knew I was doing a trip today I immediately ran out to A&W for a couple burgers to have 1 with the shrooms and 1 later when I got hungry again, I also had a bag of vegetable chips with the first one as well. I plan to always eat a good meal with the shrooms so I have energy, there's less chance of gut rot/nausea, and there's no hunger anytime soon so it's one less possible negative thought to have during the trip.

I finished eating my meal and swallowing 7 250mg casules of Jedi Mind Fuck at 4:00pm. Around 45 minutes in I got that anxious feeling everyone gets travel up my spine and from there the effects slowly started to kick in, at this point I smoked a bowl of weed as well. At about the 1.5 hour mark I was feeling very euphoric and happy on the inside and after smoking more weed the two substances were complementing each other very nicely. I find it boring without music so for this trip I played Machine Gun Kelly's pop punk albums Tickets to my Downfall and Mainstream Sellout with the slower songs taken out of my playlist. This was before I discovered the John Hopkins university's playlist which I list in my 2.5g trip report. MGK has a wide range of lyrics and sounds in those albums so they brought quite a range of thoughts and emotions during the trip. I find that you're much more emotional and appreciative of things while on shrooms so I found myself thinking of my friends and family and how I could have been a better friend at times. I would lay on the couch and get lost in the music and in my thoughts and when I would look at the ceiling the stucco would be swirling around a little bit. I remember feeling less anxious and definitely less depressed which is the end goal of all of this. While reminiscing there would be times I would feel so good I would just laugh. My mind was racing and everything was so euphoric. From the 1.5 hour mark till the end of the trip I would ride waves ranging from low end to high end level 1 and around 5 hours in the effects began to subcide. At the peak of the waves it felt good to lay on the couch with eyes closed and get lost in the music and thoughts.

I came out of this experience with a great appreciation of my friends and family and realized there is a special bond between friends that grew up together, it's hard to acquire that bond with someone you meet as an adult. It was one of my best friends from school that reconnected with me and introduced me to a controlled way of eating magic mushrooms and I have been on my psychedelic journey ever since, I am very thankful he reached out to me again, we hadn't talked in a few years. 

This was definitely a foot in the water type of experience and I'm definitely starting to get the feeling of what psychedelics will be like at higher doses. I figure this was a high end level 1 experience. It was a great day and I'm exited to continue my psychedelic journey. During the days following this trip my mood increased and I was able to get rid of any negative thoughts that would enter my head a lot quicker. It's a crime against humanity that psychedelics have been illegal when they have the possibility of helping so many people. 

Goodbye for now

Tavor 7

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