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Tavor 7

Trip Date: Feb 3/2023

This is my first post to shroomery and I plan to document all my trip reports and microdosing experiences here so they're all in one place for me and everyone to read. 

A bit of backround about my self is I live in Canada, I am 31 years old and I am just getting in to psychedelics seriously. I feel like I have depression and definitely have anxiety, both undiagnosed, and I would like to try magic mushrooms to help me. I plan to move up in doses gradually by 750mg and the capsules I get are around 250mg each. I also plan to do a microdose schedule of 4 days at 250mg per day then 3 days off which will be recorded in the microdosing section. I found a copy of the John Hopkins university psychedelic therapy preparation sheets which listed the songs used during the experience and I made an exact copy from songs all over YouTube, the spotify playlist is wrong and the 48 song playlist currently on Youtube has alot of the correct songs but a lot of wrong songs as well, I wanted the playlist to match the John Hopkins university's. I have tested out the playlist on a 2.5g trip and plan to use it for all high dose trips, you can find my 2.5g trip in it's own report along with the full JHU playlist. 

I am including my 750mg trip here because there's not much to write about. I took 3 250mg capsules of Jedi Mind Fuck at around 10:30pm after I got home from work and ate. Around 45 minutes in I got that anxious feeling travel up my spine and I smoked a bowl of weed. After 1.5 hours passed I felt more alert, music was more interesting to listen to, and the weed high was more enhanced. My mind seemed a little more open and I would ask myself more questions than usual while thinking. At one point I was listening to Sucks to be You by Prozzak and I was staring at the Hot Show album cover at all the details of the drawing. The one thing I really remember about this trip is my glasses seemed to be in the way a lot like I was trying to look around them but it was blurry and I thought to myself "this sucks, I have to look out of these things to be able to see clearly" which I haven't thought about much before or on my next trips. I figure this was a very low end level 1 experience and there's nothing left to say. 

Goodbye for now

Tavor 7

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