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0.8 gram of golden teacher

Not sure if it is level 2 or 1

Note the time stamp are not 100% correct as i wasnt really sure what happen untill i came back to reality but this is what happen in order
was wondering if this is normal 
ate 0.8gram golden teacher first time 
8pm Made some Shroom tea (Gt, Lemon, ginger, honey, tea) 
9pm started drinking some and was eating shroom  total 0.8gram 
9:30 started texting and was reading manga and try to lay down 
9:45a started kicking in i saw visual changes ( didnt have music on) 
9:45b started seeing Eyes opening up and was spiraling around in this werid world type door world place
10pm i started seeing my science Teacher and other people bobing there nose into me( At this point i was cold and my heart beating fast)
10-11pm i started becoming a snail then i tried to open my eye but i could but when I tried I saw mushroom with eyes making me close my eye, then i started melting into my bed and becoming mushroom.
at 11ish i busted a nut and i came back to reality didnt even know time want by this fast 
11:30 i called my Ex well for this i just call her (friend)
 11:40 i was telling what i was feeling during when i drank the tea, but i couldnt stop laughing.
1am we kept talking abt nonsense well i was. I started asking if she was a goblin and was wondering if she was rowing a boat to steal gold for some reason 
Then boom a lot of info abt people and game and school started going in my brain 
around 2 i stoped and went to bed 
In conclusion I dont think it was bad trip expect the part my heart was beating fast but i think it was always beating fast ,but at that point i just could feel it. 
My Mentally was way better after this trip as in became way less angry ( havn't gotten angry since Feb 14)

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