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I was living by myself in a one bedroom apartment.

I was living by myself in a one bedroom apartment. My girlfriend had left me and I was beyond depressed. A new guy at work was coming over that night to hang out. He called me up and asked if I had ever done shrooms before. I said "Yea" and he said OK and hung up. An hour later he came over with a huge smile on his face. I said "What?"

"Were gonna triii iiip Were gonna Trii iip"

I laughed and said let get started then.

He got out the bag and inside was a bunch of smaller caps a few stems and the HUGEST friggin cap ive ever seen. It was easily as big as my hand. I claimed that one a small cap and a few stems. It was about equal so he was happy. I threw them on a burger I had saved from the local Sonic and wolfed it down.

Thirty minutes later after a little Playstation playin, I got up to piss. Every time I trip, right on cue, I get up to go piss. I stand over the toilet, start to piss and I laugh so damn hard, every damn time. Its uncontrollable. I figured it would be a great trip. By the time I got back, I had no desire to even look at the TV. I went out to the balcony and tried to put my hands on the rail, but they just went on and on and on until I guess they just went right through it. I stood there on the porch of my little cubicle that I hated into the little grove that it overlooked. The tree looked like it was made of crystal and I kept telling my friend to come look at the trees dammit! He didnt seem too impressed. I stood there a few minutes more (it seemed) ....thats when I noticed the pool. Hell yea, I said. I ran inside and said, "Im going swimming and you are too" I put on my Tiddies (for those of you who have no idea, Tiddies are the most wonderful invention since, well...anything. Theyre like an inch thick with the softest foam and when you trip, they are like little pillows on your feet. THE BEST)
anyway...we start to walk down there and I was walking on the moon. THe Tiddies made it seem like I was floating over the grass and it seemed as though the grass was waving me onward to something great. I was all smiles. Then we reached the gate to the pool. I sttod in awe, for what seemed like hours. The first thing I said was that I was in a fuckin Disney cartoon.

Let me descrie this. It was nearing sunset, the type where the clouds overhead turn all pink. They were straited and they looked like pink veins flowing over the sky. There was a willow tree next to the pool that was blowing gently in the breeze that was the perfect temperature you would want always. The willow was dropping pink flowers that gently floating down into the pool to cover it with the pink bueaties. Two swallows were chasing each other playfully around the tree. The breeze continued unabated. On the far side of the pool were two small children playing and laughin topgether. Their mother was sitting on the edge smiling and laughing as well. It was too happy. The pool looked so inviting, the water was the most intense shade of blue and I HAD to get in. The moment I toughed he water every hair on my body became alive and they flowed throught the water like they were long strings. I went under water, closed my eyes
and curled p into a little ball. Once in this state I was entranced. The water ripples were rippling the sunlight in my eyes and it seemed like I was in the Womb again. I dont know how long I was under, it seemed forever, I dodnt want to leave. THe temperature was perfect and the feelings I had were beyond surreal. Then I was yanked out of my trance, floating in the depths of the rippling darkness, by my friend. "What the hell are you doing?!?" "I dont know" was all I could quietly say. "I thought you were dead!, you were under for a long time" "I wanted to go back but something sane told me to stay here, in this world. I laid back and put my feet on the edge and floated on my back on the water staring up at the pink veiny sky. All I could say was "My God, its beautiful" Over and over. That was the best part. The rest on the night was spent coming down and contemplating my existence and my destiny. There had to be something more. What am I missing? I drew a large map of Austrailia (im supposing, I found it tacked on the wall) with a big star in the middle with the word HERE scribbled next to it. What ever you do folks, dont contemplate selling everything you own and backpacking across the world when youre not in the right frame of mind. Thats it.

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