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Birthday fun

0.45g at the planetarium

I'll start off by saying, our micro doses are just a tad bit heavy. We call them micro doses, but only do it maybe once a month so 0.35g is just enough to actually be perceived. Occasionally I'll make them just a tiny bit heavier at 0.45g, which is what we did this time. 

On my birthday, Feb 3rd 2023, we decided to eat our little chocolates I make that are pre weighed to a perfect 0.45g, and take a drive 30 minutes north to the planetarium in Reno. 

Here's the setting, my girlfriend and I sitting in the parking lot of "burger me" after a nice meal, hitting out THC vape pen and eating down one chocolate each at 0.45g. We had a 30 minute drive to the planetarium to follow. 

We get to the planetarium around 530pm, park and walk through the parking lot while hitting the weed pen again. 

Go inside and buy our tickets for the 6oclock show. Meanwhile we walk around the exhibits and we can both start to feel a slight come up. Playing around with a few gadgets and messing with some stuff in the exhibit seems a little fun. We walk out of an exhibit around 5:55 as we knew they were about to walk everyone to the current show. There were a lot of people crowded in the main room now and at that point we could definitely feel a slight head space change. Didnt feel too communicative as I usually would be. The feeling was somewhat like being stoned for your first time, like Red Forman from that 70s show was up in your face asking if you're high lol. 

They take us into the show, where a lady was playing a harp. She played for us about 4 songs on the harp, lasted half hour. By 630 pm, we could definitely feel the effects sinking in. They then dimmed the lights in the theater and put on a 30 minute show that was about being launched into space and traveling through time. We looked up in a trance until the viewing ended. Once it did, the host of the show actually put on the screen a view through their local observatory telescope. We got to all see the green dirty snowball comet that was up in the sky at the time, last viewed by Neanderthals and likely never to be viewed again as it is being thrown off its course due to coming too close to earths gravitational pull. I will say, awesome stuff but much more interesting under the influence of a slight buzz on mushys. 

After that, we walk back to the car and a bit of confusion sets in. We try to escape the parking garage and navigate through reno to an ice cream shop without GPS and got totally lost. My girlfriend grew up in reno, so this was saying a lot. We finally turned around and made our way to get some ice cream, and drove home. The entire drive was pretty trippy. At no point did I feel unsafe to drive but it was definitely a nice fun feeling to be behind the wheel and coasting down the street. Again, the feeling was that of a mild stoning feeling, like being high again for your first time ever. 


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