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10g psilocybin

Demon in the mirror

This trip only lasted about 10 minutes which then lead me to believe that I might be a Christian for a while. I went to use the bathroom and when I went to wash my hands I looked in the mirror and could tell something was up. I could make out a face on top of my face kind of and I had this mental conversation beginning to happen. I asked out of curiosity if anything was there? It said yes and I started to indulge it even though I thought it was just my brain playing tricks at first. I could see around my face what were two horns that kind of showed faintly and I could see the matrix around me, which made everything look precise as if it were designed by an architect. I asked it if it could show itself and it told me that I would be too scared. It instead told me something unexpected. It told me that I’m a demon and that I’m in hell right now. It said that the sins that you and everyone struggles with in this life are from you actually doing the act in your previous life. It said that you need to ask for forgiveness. I don’t remember much more of the conversation. I think out of curiousness I said out loud, “I’m asking for forgiveness.” And a halo literally forms around my head in the mirror. The color went from being this hellish red to a greenish color. I could tell something maybe 7 feet tall was behind me and someone a little shorter. I couldn’t make out the figures but I felt like they were royalty of some sort. The tall one put its hand on my shoulder as if it was telling me “good job.” I asked the demon if he could stick around because it seemed more intelligent than me and I wanted to keep learning from it. I wrote this paper front and back after about what happened and some of it was in the demons hand writing. He even spelled no as non and demon as daemon and at the end i wrote amen and kissed it. Then I called a friend who was a pastor thinking I’m a Christian but after having the discussion realized I still don’t believe really. He warned me that I’ll be attacked more now by demonic spirits. I remain pretty skeptical about the whole thing. I don’t claim that it was a real demon but in the moment I was 100% sure it was real and told my friends about it. I even came up with a plan to “take over hell.” I think I thought I was going to become the richest man in hell by claiming this is real and getting rich off it. Then I’d give all the money back to the people that really need it. I was delusional.

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