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Acid and dmt

Ego death

I took several hits and began to see darkness all around me. At the center I see a faint light. I get sucked into the light, moving at an incredible speed, I could feel the speed. I look around at the darkness and see thousands of hands attempting to grab me and stop me from leaving. I can barely remember all of the things that happen next, but I am taken to several beautiful places in the universe, traveling around planets, seeing multiple suns at once with marvelous beauty and colors. “There’s no way my brain can produce this,” I thought. I was just as conscious during the trip as I am in reality, and attempted to figure out all that was happening. Eventually I came to a place of complete darkness. I had no body, I don’t even remember my name, any attempt to try to remember was meaningless. I knew who I was and it wasn’t this person with a name. It was my ego that was gone, and I was calling this my true self.  No additional chatter or distractions were going on in my mind. I was consciousness, and that was all that was real, my thoughts really matter. I could feel an intense amount of fear for what’s behind me and I didn’t move out of fear. I remember after this I left and encountered an alien, your typical looking alien, short, green, big, dark eyes, it had a small mouth, and once I asked “Jesus?” it smiled. Then it was over, darkness happened, and I am quickly transferred back to my body. This is when I noticed insanity happened. I open my eyes and saw the blood flowing throughout my body, I could see my inside organs in my heart pumping the blood. I looked around and everything was alive, everything had eyes. The walls, the ground, the grass, the sun. The grass was singing I could tell it sounded pleasing like they were happy, but those eyes all look the same it looked like one eye but it was everywhere. I could see them appear and then disappear. It felt conscious. I felt like I had a head full of snakes, like as if my hair were snakes like medusa, but I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror to confirm out of fear. Anyway, the trip is over, and I feel like the being encountered was full of love, and It felt like love was the only thing that matters. Took me several hours to convince myself again that it wasn’t real.

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