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Discombobulation Part 2.

My body heat elevated to an extreme level.

My body heat elevated to an extreme level. I had to cool down. My cuz, and dave, were tripping good and so was I. My cousin had this orange cap and I for some reason was amazed at the sight of it, because it put me into a relapse of some sort. Everything was trippy, we went back to the field and just automatically laid down and tripped to the sky. We were walking and i said Natural. Everything around me felt so natural to my senses, mind and body. I've kept on saying natural. My friend Dave, reached in his pocket and pulled out a switchblade. Dave said fuck this, and threw it. I remember thinking, murder instantly.

Me, my cuz, and dave was tripping hard as fuck, at this bridge , looking deeply into the clouds. I said, man, this is just a regular day, and were just tripping. All of us, kept having to say Reality Check, because we were mushed..... Next, we went to this underground tunnel. My cuz said he didnt want to go in it, but he was going anyways(lol) He said that he was in a geometric shape just floating in the atmosphere. I had to piss, so i pissed on the wall of the tunnel, and the wall was moving towards me. I satrted to walk to the end, and both sides of the tunnel were closing in on me. This is were i started to trip bad. I walked up the slant out of the tunnel, and saw my cousins face as a blur, or thumbprint.

Me and dave, looked at his house, and it looked creepy as fuck, not like his house usually is. I walked down the alley, study'ing my feet, walking foucused in. Dave and I , went to the store, and on the walk there i kept on questioning myself, on the colors of the sky. At 11:45 p.m. , the sky was fucking orange, and red, bright as fuck. Dave said, that he felt lost back somewhere, and that his mind was locked. I tried not to focus on what he was saying, because it would have fucked me up. Anyways, these bitches on the corner said, where's the weed at? , because they knew we were fucked up. Dave said it felt like he had to immediatly respond to what they said. He said on the way. And I see nothing. Nobody, i just heard voices yelling, she said Tit, and I said yes, and then she said pussy, Ive never saw this person again. We finnaly got up to the store, and arabic music was playing, sounding like chains. I saw my old friend, and i wanted to talk to him for 5 imins, and all i said was whats up. I went back up to the arabic room, and started busting up laughing at the music, i walked outside, and someone dropped a 40 ounce, and the sound FELT loud.

I was looking at the beer running down the sidewalk, amazed. We walked home tripping out on everything. I asked my neighbor what color the sky is, if it was the colors i was seeing. He said different colors, but he was smoking some dro. I walked in my back yard, and my house didnt look like my home, and my caddy looked like a toy. I went in my room, and listened to sytem of a down. *Do not listen to system, it will look at you* I was comming down, and my body felt extremely drainded. Fluids, eyes, mind, body, we all drained. We bought a sack, and didnt even feel the effects. My cuz was still tripping, but mine, and daves was gone. All of this happened in two hours and seventeen minutes.

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