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Different Levels

Me and a couple of my friends all decided to take some cubenses on a day off from school.

Me and a couple of my friends all decided to take some cubenses on a day off from school. The kid with the money went to the bank and picked up $60 bucks for 3/8ths. We all took about 3 grams and I decided to suck the crap out of them before i swallowed.

The first person to trip took about 20 minutes and my other friend didn't feel it for about 40 minutes. Me however, didn't feel anything basically for about an hour. This pissed me off quite a bit so I decided to take the rest of mine and my friends!!! So now I have SIX GRAMS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

About 20 minutes after I took the rest of it, it all started to kick in at the same time. The three grams i just took caught up with the three grams i took earlier in the day.

A word of advice for anybody who likes to play sports games on an Xbox or a PS2, it will feel like you are playing the game yourself. I started to play Madden 2003 and it was the funnest game i have ever played in my entire life. I was so pissed wehn I missed a pass and so excited when i did something good. However, at this point, it started to get worse and my mom was do home. So me and my friend went to a park to get away from my parents.

The car ride was quite a experience for all of the trees and the sky were like an oil painting flying by. When we got to the park, we decided to stay in the car for a while and listen to The Beatles. This was fun for awhile until the sun came out. It felt like a was melting from the sweat the was coming out. We then HAD to get out opf the car and go for a walk.

We then got to a place that was so beautiful i could hardly believe it as i was looking at it. All i could keep saying was that it looked like something on a hallmark card. I was beginning to get quite emotional at this point and i felt everything was right in the universe. As i left this place, i felt like i had a religious experience and i was sad for i some how knew, that the feeling i had would never be the same and i will never be able to get that first experince back.

The bad trip: I went back to my house and now it was about 3 to 4 hours past. I felt like i was going to bark but i knew that wouldn't help for the feeling i was getting wasn't from my stomach. The chemical reaction going on in my head was quite intense now.

I layed back on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. There were about 8 DIFFERENT LAYERS in the wall. The 3d image i was seeinf was just amazing. I was able to see images of things i never saw before. However, at this point in trip, i relized i had to go to a pep band game and play for the homegame and the football game in about a half an hour. it was fun.

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