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Christmas with the family

A special dessert

Christmas day, 2022.

On Christmas day, I grabbed the last of my homemade mushroom chocolates and took them to my parents house. My girlfriend and I grabbed our baby and set out to my parents for Christmas day. 

The day went well, and we all were having a great time. We sit down to eat dinner around 4pm. We had Mexican food. Tamales, enchiladas, beans and rice. As everyone was just finishing their plates, I went into the fridge where I hid the chocolates earlier that day. The chocolates all have pre weighed half grams of Albino Avery in each piece. I hand out chocolates to everyone, giving my dad and girlfriend 2 chocolates each (1 full gram) while my mother and I only had one each. We have noticed in the past that my girlfriend, and my dad tend to have a higher tolerance to mushrooms and don't tend to feel anything as much as the rest of us sometimes.

After about an hour, its obvious things are kicking in a little as we are all having a great time and laughs are coming on much more frequently. 

By 5:45, we were all laughing uncontrollably. We were smoking extra weed, more than we usually would because hey its Christmas right? It got to the point where we would laugh just looking at each other. No visuals, just an extreme euphoria buzz from the weed and little bit of mushrooms combined. This went on for about 2 hours as we all sat around the table contemplating playing a game of sorts but that never happened cause we spent our time giggling, passing joints and bongs around and giggling some more. 

My girlfriend and packed our things to head home around 8pm. The drive home is only about 5 minutes but sure did calm us down, by the time we got home we were all pretty ready for bed. 

Albino Avery chocolates came in as a perfect dessert on Christmas night. 

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