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Salvia - 1 hit

Falling down the bleachers of life

Going back to report on something I tried back in about 2011. 

Living at my parents house, as I was still a junior in high school. I had a friend living with us, he took off with other friends for spring break to San Francisco. While there, they picked up some Salvia at a shop where they were told it was the "strongest power". Whatever that meant, I soon found out. 

Friends return from their vacation and my roommate brought home the rest of the Salvia they bought. Apparently after trying it, nobody wanted to keep the rest but my buddy knew I'd want a try. 

First thing in the morning, maybe 7am and he says "so you wanna try this stuff now?" I'm like sure, I don't see why not. He said its intense but only lasts a few minutes at best. We loaded a bong bowl with what looked like black flakey half burned leafy substance. He told me to take a fat one. I yellow walled that bong with the biggest ripper I could handle. That was where everything changed almost instantly. Everything I describe next happened pretty fast, everything over the course of maybe 60 seconds or so. 

As I let out my hit, my buddy says "hand me the bong before its too late, you don't wanna drop it" and as I was handing the bong over to my buddy who was sitting adjacent to me on a couch, the arm of the couch doubled.. tripled, quadrupled, and within half a second it was like the infinity mirror effect, watching endless amounts of couch arms coming toward me. This pushed me back on my bed a little, I was sitting up but watching that happen pushed me back slowly. My mouth was WIDE open, like someone was actually pulling my jaw bone downward. At the same time, everything around me was gone and I was in a completely different world. I no longer saw my bedroom, my friend or anything. The world I was in was familiar, but foreign. Not a single face or person around me, I was laying on the top layer of bleachers.. like at a football game or something. And I was slowly slipping down to the lower level of the bleachers, one seat at a time. I could see between the layers of the bleachers and in each layer was a level of life, seemingly the higher levels were higher quality of life and the lower levels were basically going to a hell like place, lowest quality of life, and I was slowly slipping down toward it, holding onto each layer of bleacher with everything i could. At one point my consciousness came in and thought, maybe if I look away from the bleachers I'll snap back (I had a couple of these moments throughout the experience where I thought if I did something, it would bring me back to normal). So when I looked to my left, all I saw were drawers of a dresser flying open with papers flying out the tops of them in the craziest fashion. Mind you, only about 30 seconds has passed to this point since I exhaled my hit. As I hit the bottom layer of bleachers, my vision came back to my bedroom and I see my room again, and my friends face which looked VERY concerned, staring at me all wide eyed. He was still holding the bong, I tried to say something but everything was very slomo and glitchy. Its like time was moving normally but my brain was processing in slow motion, so as we were trying to talk, it would glitch in a fast forwarding sense while still being very slo motion. I said "iiissssss thhhaaaaaaattt ttthhhhhheeeee.... sssaaaaaaaaaalllllvvviiiiiaaaa?" My friend said yeah, and I said "duuuuuuude, dooooooonnntt hiiiiiiiiiit thhaaaaaaaat!" And at that very second I had another thought that if I went out into the living room and out into the front yard, perhaps I'd snap back to reality. As I got up to leave the room, my buddy said "doooooooonnnttt goooooo ooooouuuutttt ttheeeeerrree" and as I opened my bedroom door to the hallway, I didn't even step out, I saw the hallway walls swaying rapidly, and swaying so hard they were actually about to hit each other. Like 2 wave pools coming together.. I felt this in my head too, like someone was squeezing my brain as a stress ball type of thing. I collapsed on my bed and stared at my wall, feeling it was definitely coming to an end and fast. Meanwhile I realized "trapped in my mind" by kid Cudi was playing and I kindly asked my buddy to turn it off and when I said that, I realized nothing was slow motion anymore and I was 90% back to normal. Head fog and slow perception to everything persisted the majority of the morning but in all, the crazy part only lasted like 60 seconds. 

Hands down the absolute most wild hallucinations I've ever experienced, and while I'm glad I gave it a one time try, I'll never do that again. Shrooms are great, stick to that.. lol

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