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Square Clouds

3g PE

Hi there! I bring a brief account of my 3rd experience with cubensis. My wife and I took 3g each at home yesterday. Here is the story.

We took it at 8 am. After the basic 40 minutes we sat on the porch and she started to have her first hallucinations. Her thing was that the clouds were square. She also saw the place change in size. On me the trip was softer and I could see the ceiling (which has a texture) moving a lot. I could even see the sky swaying a little, like a sheet.

Time was passing slowly overall. We were listening to Pink Floyd and it was really cool. We were really connecting with the music. By this time I could see several surfaces moving. It had those rainbow highlights on everything, and everything was brighter. The electronic lights were extra bright and gave off that rainbow aura.

At this point I had the urge to make love to my wife. I invited her and she agreed. Very briefly it was amazing! We lay in bed for what seemed like an eternity. I had several visions with my eyes closed, among them that she was some kind of Mayan goddess or something, and that sometimes her body became a temple. We heard chants.

I thought that too much time had passed and that the effects would dissipate. I was wrong on both counts. I started to experience spatial distortions when with my eyes closed. It was as if I felt the space around me, but that space was very distorted. Now another part that I thought was really cool: looking at the sky I started to have the same visions that my wife was having: square clouds. We saw lines in the sky, horizontal and vertical, and the clouds lined up with them. They looked like they were organized like containers in a warehouse. I found it very curious that we were seeing the same hallucination.

When I was at the peak I had at least one very strange episode of an auditory hallucination. White Rabbit was playing. The singer sang a phrase, and in sequence I heard it repeated in a very strange way, as if I had gone back in time for a second. It wasn't just the phrase, but the whole feeling. I kind of had the image of the thing coming back for a second or so. That was crazy.

At certain times things were at different sizes than normal. Very curious.

It was pretty intense. The previous time we had taken 2.5g and the effects were much less. Looking back I don't think they were quite dry, so maybe they were more like 1.5g or so. This time it was a big difference.

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