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3 Gram of Penis Envy Supreme Trip Report

3 Gram Penis Envy

This trip occurred on November 8th, 2022 after working a 12 hour night shift, I decided it was a smart idea to eat 3 grams of Penis Envy Supreme Mushrooms at 06:30 AM. It was not a optimal setting to eat the shrooms and I was quite stressed and tired after working. It is important to tell, this was my second day in a row eating Shrooms after my nightshift, little do I know, this would be my first ego death.

About 30 minutes later, I felt the effects. I was in the bathtub taking a hot bath and I slowly noticed my visuals were changing. At a certain point, I remember coming out of the bathroom and thinking to myself "Oh fuck, I really shouldn't have done this" I felt it all coming at once and I then tried to lay down and go to sleep. It was like I knew something BIG was going to happen. I then remember closing my eyes and seeing visuals which made me very uncomfortable. Such things as demon faces, but also HUGE shapes and lines. At this point, I started to feel like I was slowly dying. I had also smoked weed with the shrooms.

At a certain point while laying in bed, I thought I was going insane, I went to put a movie on Netflix, and I had the hardest time ever trying to find a decent movie to watch. It then was clear to me, how much negative energy and depression is portrayed in movies. Even looking at the comedy section on Netflix, I noticed how horrible these movies are. At this point, It felt like I was looking for a movie for hours, even though It was probably only a few minutes, and eventually, I found a movie. "That's my boy" with Adam Sandler. I then put the movie on and laid back down. I remember literally skipping to the middle of the movie, because all I wanted to see at this moment was something funny and happy. I had the movie volume very loud, but I had a hard time understanding anything that was being said. I then looked over at my phone, and It was almost like I was watching the movie in reverse, I saw Adam Sandler literally shift backwards and everything felt like a loop. At this point, I had enough of the movie and turned it off and laid back down.

Then suddenly, while laying in bed trying to relax, I was convinced I died and I then started to really appreciate and value the simple things in life. I remember saying in my head, "GO BACK" and that "I'm not ready to die yet" My face looked like I had been crying for hours, but I didn't shed a single tear. I looked at the simple things such as working with my coworkers, spending time with my girlfriend, and just being alive. I then thought I would never be able to do these things again, and at a certain point I accepted that I died and was in the afterlife, I was CONVIENCED I was dead.

I then yelled out for "God" to save me and suddenly I felt connected to a spiritual being. Suddenly, I felt very warm , accepted and loved. I then said out loud many times, "I love you" and I started to talk with this voice. It was almost like this voice took control over my body. I remember telling the voice, "I want to stay in control of my body, but I welcome you to take over if you find that's necessary) I then asked this voice, "Why do you allow suffering across the world?" (thinking I was talking to God) and then It replied that It has no control over humans, but It is with us at all times, and that It loves us all.

This voice then started to ask me questions about humans and why people don't love each other. I then explained to this voice how humans and our societies work. I then got up from bed, and wanted to take a shower to heat up. (I live in Canada so its cold as fuck) and I remember this voice was still with me. I was standing in my kitchen and I asked "Are you still there?" and then it replied that it is always here.

I then went to take a bath again and woke up later on. (I stopped the water before passing out) I think I might have passed out for a few minutes, I'm not sure. I remember waking up and not feeling like anything was real. I was butt as naked in the bathtub confused as fuck and didn't know If I was alive or in the afterlife. I then got up and went to sit down on my computer, went on Discord and called one of my friends. I immediately told him that I loved him. I didn't even remember taking the shrooms, I really had to remind myself. It was like I lost all orientation of reality. At this point, the worst was over with. It was approx. 09:30 AM. I was still very much under the influence of the shrooms though. My whole body felt like shit, my head was pounding and I felt like I was starving at this point.

I then went to order Subway,(On my phone) and I was literally so hungry at this point, I thought I was going to die from starvation. I didn't even know what I ordered. I just clicked random options and paid. While waiting for my food to arrive, I asked the voice, "Is it okay if I don't eat right now?" and It replied that everything was going to be okay and that I shouldn't worry. It took about 25m for it to arrive, and when It did, I didn't remember I ordered subway, and threw it out, because at this point I wasn't even hungry anymore.

The remaining hours were me just me on Discord with my friend, telling him everything I experienced and also realizing that I didn't die, It took me a few hours to fully calm down from everything that had occurred. 

Conclusion: Ever since this experience happening, I have a new outlook on life and I notice that I have changed as a person. This was my fifth time doing shrooms, and also the highest amount I've done yet. I have also noticed very positive effects on my mental health since taking shrooms. I also suffer with BPD and notice that my mood has improved drastically and I don't have to endure mood swings as much. 

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