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.7g Albino Avery

For less than a gram, these things slam

I do have 2 different bags of Albino Avery (AA) right now from 2 different growers. One of which being very trustworthy, the other not as much. Im finishing off the last bit of the AA from the not as trustworthy guy before I try the others. I suppose I should stop calling him the not as trustworthy guy, because these things were potent. 

I weigh out micro doses (heavy ones) at 0.35g (1/10th of an eighth) and proceed to make little chocolates out of the individually weighed out 0.35g ground up portions. See "family dosing" in the micro dosing section of trip reports for an understanding of what eating just one of those chocolates is like. However this report will be on the difference of what just 2 of my chocolates do. 

Last night the lady and I decided to eat a chocolate around 3pm. By 430 we were feeling fine, happy, micro dosed sure but effects were subtle at best. Just the normal happy feeling while still feeling 99% sober. My lady got a little bored around 545, and asked what would happen if we ate another. I was like idk, probably feel a little happier right? Holy shit was i wrong.

We both ingested just one more chocolate each to bring us to a total of 0.7g each now ingested. By 645, one hour later, I hit a break through type of feeling. Nothing crazy, but I actually felt a little wave come over me where I was feeling pretty weird for a sec (typical onset type of weird) then immediately within a couple seconds, felt amazing. Absolutely great. I got up to check on the food in the oven, we had a couple friends stop by and I was buzzing hard. No visuals, not a "trip" by any means, but I was buzzin hard. Im not a drinker but I would compare it to having quite a few drinks. Couldn't wipe a smile off my face for the life of me and even though it was storming outside, windy and cold, I couldn't help but keep going out to stare at the low flying clouds covering over the moon. Life was beautiful, I was definitely getting the giggles and couldn't believe how hard I was buzzing for only eating one more chocolate. It was definitely more than a micro dose feeling, good stuff for sure. 

Subtle shifts in mentality where noticeable such as perception of what's around me and such. 

0.7g of Albino Avery made me feel pretty litty titty. 

Of course, factor in the couple bowls of ganja we smoked, but life was great. Definitely higher than any ganja could achieve. 

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