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Double dosed by accident

Took 60mg 4-HO-MET my first trip

I have never tripped before, so I got some 4homet and me and my homie took it together. I dosed it into 30mg (medium-strong dose) in emptied vitamin capsules and we both chugged it with some other supplements to aid the trip.

So we went walking and it had been about 2-3 hours and except for my bro saying colors were brighter (I thought he was tripping about tripping), we were both still sober. I was thinking at this point that the pills I emptied could have been made to skip the stomach to go to the intestines, so I am thinking I may have messed up the servings.

We get back and at this point it is 4 hours since we took the 4homet. My friend is starting to act a lil weird but I feel completely sober so I make the decision to chug another capsule's powder (30mg) because I thought I would have felt effects by now.

Bare in mind, all the info I read said the come-up was 1-2hrs so I was confused that even after 4 hours I felt sober with a medium-strong dose.

Anyways, a few minutes after taking the 4-HO-MET I start feeling a tingly feeling throughout my body. I feel incredibly heavy and incredibly light at the same time. I have this intense feeling through my body from my feet, to my pp, and up to my head.

This is when I know shit is going down. It is also at this time my friend is showing some signs that he is tripping out.

After about 20 minutes I now am laughing at everything. I see shadows of faces on surfaces and it is really hard to judge distance and it is hard to walk. I am talking with my friend and we talk deeply but in a weird way (like asking why my friend likes sweets and he replies "because they are sweet" I am like okay).

At the highest point in my trip, I could now see Aztec shapes and symbols in hexagon patterns surrounding me like I am inside a sphere covered with these things. Inside triangles were squished old-looking letters and also eyes. Viewing this was not like am overlay on reality, but like some other viewpoint I could tap into.

I also saw hot air baloons in my preferal vision and I felt like I had to fake being myself while I was tripping. It also felt like all the layers of thought in my head became a singular level of thought, and it felt strangely peaceful.

My hands were flopping everywhere and I felt a pressure under my chin in the body experience.I also saw some basic fractals like of trees and lightening-looking ones.

I went to the toilet to pee and I could not tell how far away I was. I also remember looking at my pp and being like "thats gross". I managed to go without making a mess, but it took longer than usual. Also after just peeing, I still felt like I needed the toilet, because of the sensation in that area.

I decided to look in the mirror and it looked scary. I looked green and purple as both sides of my face merged these colors together. I looked like some kind of lizard and I felt like this is my darker me and I do not want to be that.

The come down took about 14 hours from the initial dose, as the visuals still remained 12 hours after the first, well into the night. I was hearing what sounded like tribal music and sine waves in my ears for a lot of the night. I did not sleep at all, I just stared into space and I waited for the morning. When the morning came up I felt a weird sense of not knowing what to do. Like " what does this person usually do".

Overall this jump into the depths of the mind and the ego was definitely an experience. I double dosed by accident, but kept it cool and It was not a "bad trip" except for the lack of sleep. While 4-HO-MET was cool I am the most interested in shrooms/RC's that are the best neuroregeneratives rather than fun/visuals. I have heard normal shrooms, 4-Aco-DMT and Mescaline are very good for neuroregeneration. Any recommendations are appreciated, I want to heal the mind, I don't care about having a "bad" trip.

With that said I hope this trip report was interesting somehow. I will be hunting for some lib caps soon enough and will likely post about the experience. Good Vibes!

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