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A long night of craziness in the forest

Say goodbye to your feet!

Summer time, 2015.

One night, 4 of my friends (who we will refer to as W, X, Y, and Z) and I went out camping at a cabin in the desolate forest of Northern California. I had 3 pre weighed half eights (1.75g) of Tasmanian devils, and a few tabs of LSD. Of my 4 pals, I gave 2 of them a tab of LSD and the other 2 got a half eighth of Tasmanian devils. That left me with a half eighth myself, along with one tab of LSD. So I took em both. We also had all the ganja we could smoke, and a couple bottles of sailor Jerry. 

We dosed around 9pm when we all got to the old rustic cabin (no power, no insulation, thing is basically a square piece of wood on bricks with a fireplace). By 10pm we were all feeling a good buzz. 

I bring protection with me everywhere I go.. most my friends know that. We stay protected, especially when camping in the middle of nowhere. Middle of the night at one point, I swear peak trip, W says to me "hey, did you bring any guns?! Our friend X has never shot one before!) And as if we were sober in the middle of the day, we all thought it would be a great idea to have him shoot for his first time. I had with us a pump action 12gauge shotgun. 

In front of the cabin runs a small river about 20 feet wide, but it was rushing this time of year. The only way accross the river is a junky ass old little wooden bridge, handmade, no hand rails or anything to hold onto, only held up by cables, maybe 2 feet wide and it is so old it is warped to doing almost a full twist in the middle. Hard enough to get across in the daylight, let alone at night, on LSD, shrooms, weed and sailor jerry, with only the moonlight and an oil lantern to light the way, and a loaded 12gauge in my hands. 

We find an old dead tree, and thought it was the perfect spot. I hand the gun over to X, and he seemed a bit confused as expected. I tried to explain that once he pumps it, it's ready to go.. everything that happens next was in the blink of an eye, maybe 2 seconds.. in the middle of me telling him, he pumps it, and everyone around us including myself, all tried chiming in to basically say the same thing: its loaded, be careful! But we were all simultaneously shouting different things, in all, X heard one of us say something about the trigger (probably telling him not to touch it yet) and he pulls the trigger while aiming it at the ground only an inch away from W's feet! The gun flies out of Xs hand, Y picks up the lantern and they all took off running back to camp as fast as they could, we are all just busting up laughing and shouting through the forest. Left me to grab my gun in the middle of the dark, only the moonlight lighting my way back to camp across that JANKY ass bridge with a loaded 12er in my hands and a loaded brain. I think that set a weird vibe cause things only got more weird from there. 

We get into the cabin and I noticed some tension. Our friend Z is a big bulky guy, works out and takes pride in being big and strong. Our friend W, exact opposite. Short little skinny as bones kid. But has a funny sense of humor. At one point in the night I guess W joked by saying he could "take" Z in a fight. Obviously sarcasm but W let it stew and bother him all night and was finally blowing up. Its cold as hell outside so I knew it was weird that Z was ripping his shirt off, W had to apologize and I was just sitting in the corner of the cabin trying to focus on rolling a joint to bring the tension down. As if we were going to even feel that joint LMAO. In all, about 3 or 4am we put out the fire and moved into the cabin for the night and shut the doors and windows and everyone relaxed and got a little lay down time before we left that following day. Theres still an ongoing joke that if X ever buys his own gun, say goodbye to your feet! 

On the table of the cabin reads "jesus was black, ronald Ragan is the devil, and the government is lying about 9/11.. PS I just did mushrooms" 

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