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Denting a car with a rock...

last night was the first time I did shrooms.

last night was the first time I did shrooms. They are the best drug in the entire world!!!! We did some Blue cubensis.. a 1/4 Ounce between 4 people.. not that much but it's our first times except for one of my friends and it was great!!! We went into the bushes and everything was glo-in-the-dark... we all got scared and some bushed looked like little bugs that were walking around... it was pretty cool... But yeah then these dicks drove by and yelled HEY and whipped 2 water balloons which hit 2 of my friends but just bounced off... so I picked up a rock and said if they ever come back ill hit them with a rock. So they decide to come back and laugh at ass and whip more ballons so I just whip around so fast and peg the car and we just run and they're all liek WERE GONNA KILL YOU!!! so were sketchin out and we run... if they tell anyone theyre going to jail.. ahhahaa... for throwin baloons and provoking us and crpa.. and if they touch us.. haha.. aight pce..

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