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Family dosing

The best family day ever

This was my first time micro dosing. I've had my fair share of heavier doses through high school and such, then gave it a rest for quite a few years as I met my love and we formed a family. Fast forward to yesterday, October of 2022. I had a handful of albino somethings laying around from a friend. My girlfriend and I had a free day and wanted to make the most of it, and I talked her into micro dosing with me just before we set off for an adventure for the day. 
I am a 240lb male, 5'10". I weighed a single mushroom that was perfectly 0.71g, which I then ground up completely and weighed in 2 even halfs, about 0.35g each. 

T-00:00 The time was 11am, we ingested the 0.35g each by swallowing it all down with a shot of hot tea.  we grab our 6mo old daughter in her car seat and set off for a nice day where we planned to visit some discreet waterfalls outside of the lake Tahoe area.

The drive up is about an hour, but we stopped at a store along the way for some snacks. While at the store, my girlfriend mentioned she was feeling a slight shift in her head space. She described it as a super happy feeling, equivalent to smoking a bowl of the best weed ever with drinking a tall can of her favorite alcohol, but happier. I thought that described it pretty well as it made me giggle for sure. 

T+1:30 So about an hour and a half in, we arrived at the falls and were feeding our daughter on a cool rock and I noticed something profound. The way I was sitting to feed our baby, usually would have been killing my back and neck. I was hunched over crooked sideways. I realized I was absolutely pain free, the hiking to and from the falls was far easier than normal on the body and my typical back pain was absolutely non existent. My body felt like a kid again completely. 

T+2:00 we decided to hike from the falls back up to the car, and put baby in her stroller for a little hike along the service road we were on. We brought a typical bowl of ganja to enjoy on the walk. The hike was most beautiful, we noticed our mental shift was absolutely for the best. My girlfriend and I both had an overwhelming sense of happiness and bliss, like there was nothing else in this world that would make us happier. We had a good bit of what felt like raw natural energy as well. As we hiked along the windy, skinny service road high up in the mountains it led us to a little lake. The mountain tops surrounding us were huge, peaks reaching about 9,000 feet elevation but in reality it seemed like we were on top of the world. 

T+3:30 we began hiking back to the falls, still feeling almost overwhelmingly happy. 

T+4:30 we get back to the car at the falls, and decide to head into south lake tahoe to walk around the village and check out cool stores and such. 

T+5:00 it is now about 4 o clock and I honestly checked the time for the first time since 11am when we dosed. I couldn't believe 5 hours had just passed us by through what felt like the happiest evening we have ever had as a family. We arrive at a parking lot in south lake and put baby in the stroller to go around the town. We were still feeling over the top with joy and stopped at a few stores for a bit of candy and sodas. At one point one store we visited was a gift shop type of place and all we could notice was that more than half the stores merchandise were mushroom related things. That made me giggle, realizing that more than 5hrs later the effects of a microdose are still profound. 

T+7:00 about 6 o clock pm we started packing into the car and heading back home for the evening. From south lake, it was about a 35 minute drive home, we planned to grab dinner along the way. 

T+8:00 we get home about 7pm and were still feeling happy with life, happy with the day and all we could do was sit and talk about our happiness we shared that day. I will absolutely be micro dosing again in the future. It was astonishing to me that I felt any mental shift at all with such a dose, as I've never eaten that small of an amount before. 

We aren't positive on the strain, they were cubes absolutely. Assuming something along the lines of Albino Averys.

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