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Dementia Land

My first time tripping was one of the most demented and evil experiences I've ever been through.

My first time tripping was one of the most demented and evil experiences I've ever been through. But it was fun at the same time, and I'll do em again every chance I get.

There were three of us, and enough mushrooms to kill a small child. We started at about 2 in the afternoon. After eating some, I sat and waited. In about 30 minutes I felt strange energy, and got up and paced around. Everything felt good, and I was jabbering nonsense to my friends. They sat there watching me pacing and talking wildly. I then decided to eat some more shrooms, Big Mistake buddy.

Soon, I started to lose all contact with reality. The room we were in became a sort of prison. The girl that was with us went upstairs to lay down. She was in fantasy land up there, enjoying everything. Me on the other hand, well I was just tripping out. The TV was on, and I recognized nothing of what was on. I thought the world had cut itself off from me. I felt sick, demented, and insane. I sat down with my head in my hands, hearing horrible wailing noises all around me. When I looked up the TV was moving slowly back and forth. "What the heck?" I was screaming out loud at this time, not really aware of it.

My friend advised me to settle down, and I turned on him with evil eyes. "You vicious swine. Your part of the whole scheme too, aren't ya? Yeah, your all part of the scheme." I thought they all wanted to put me away, in a mentally insane asylum. And the strange part its, I was willing to go. I had accepted the fact that I would never see my family ever again. I was, after all, mentally ill. I had forgotten that I even took shrooms.

Slowly, I started to come back to reality. Soon, I passed out and drifted into some dreamworld, nightmare world actually, where I felt like I had nothing in my life to hold on to. It was a scary experience, shroomin really makes you soul search. Or something like that.

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