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Liberty Caps 2.5G

A short story of a life changing first trip into the spiritual world

I sit here the morning after a life changing experience. I would not normally share my thoughts or experience and this is the first time that I will attempt too, I find it hard to articulate into words my thoughts and feelings, Particularly an experience as profound as this one, but for this I will try my best and even if my words can make even just one of you smile then I will be happy and glad I could give something back to this amazing community.


About Me


I am a 34 year old man; I am happily married with 4 children. my wife and I both work full time and sometimes we really struggle with the everyday demands of life and raising a family, often feeling depressed and wondering if we are trapped in a system designed to repress us, Not trapped by each other or our children, but the way we go out and work long hours and pay for childcare and a house etc., and live for the weekend which goes by in a heartbeat. I think many people feel the same way, and this leads to being prescribed medication, and I have yet to meet one person who feels the benefit from this 'medication', I do not doubt it might help some people, but I just have not met any.


I have deliberately resisted that route but unfortunately I have inherently ended up with a mild alcohol problem. I will often shut myself away while drinking knowing that this just makes the issue worse. I have listened to trance music and have been passionate about it for as long as I can remember, I have experimented with MDMA at trance events which left me with mostly great experiences that I am grateful for. I have recently started to lean more towards Psytrance, which in turn has led my curiosity towards psychedelic experiences, my wife shares the same thoughts and our curiosity recently increased after watching Fantastic Fungi on Netflix. We decided to try this experience with an open mind and to see what healing/spiritual properties the mushrooms had to offer! We went out recently and foraged for Liberty caps in a nearby area which went very well, we managed to find 70 grams; we dried and stored them with a weight of around 7g! 


Anyway I think that is enough about me, I'm sure you are here to here to read about the trip so let’s get in to that!




After spending a lot of time reading all your amazing trip reports I decided there were two methods I liked the sound of, the first.... I would start low dose and make a mushroom cuppa soup which I added 1g of dried libs too, I felt the effect after around 30 minutes, I had a strong feeling of my body tingling and can only explain the feeling as butterflies which was pretty intense to be honest, I did feel a little bit of panic but decided it was a very similar feeling to MDMA. Next I became acutely aware that colours had become really vibrant and when I looked at my computer screen the images where moving slightly which was amazing, I started to feel cold and sick, I just held it down and got through that, I decided that sitting at my computer may not be the best thing to be doing so I went to sit with my wife in bed, the TV was on and she knew I had taken the mushrooms and was excited to hear what I was feeling, I told her the effects I was experiencing and from nowhere I got the giggles, I don't really know what I was laughing at, I think it was the TV. 

My wife suggested I see what it was like to go outside, so I took my Siberian Husky (Ragnar) a walk to a local pine forest, It was pitch black and I wasn't really experiencing anything on the walk so went home where I spent the rest of the night wife my wife. I experienced passion with her that I have seldom felt in a while.


The next day I felt grateful for the experiences of the previous night however something was nagging at me, I felt I had not got the answers I was looking for, It felt like I had said hello to the psychedelic world just like I intended to but I wanted to know more on a spiritual level. I Procrastinated all day on whether it would be a good idea to try again only one day after, thoughts like 'am I being greedy?' and 'will the a trip work so soon after taking some the night before?'

So I did what any sensible person should do and consult Shroomerys trip reports! I found some mixed information, some saying I would need at least 2 x the amount to feel the same and others saying the feeling would be stronger on a spiritual level and less visual. I decided to go for it; I felt I did not have any visuals other than the vibrant colours anyway.


The Trip

I decided for this night I would go for the second method I was alluding to earlier, I would take slightly over double the amount of the previous night and this time I would just eat the mushrooms, chew them up really fine and wash them down with natural orange juice. I took 2.5g (around 70 Libs) at around 1950; I took a note of the time as I wanted to gauge what the better method for me was (which turned out to be undoubtedly this one!). 30 minutes later I was sat at my computer, I felt some strong body tingling, much stronger than the night before, my vision was again very vibrant, again I panicked slightly that maybe I had overdone it, I decided I am committed now and I need to embrace it! I went through to my room and my wife had prepared the room perfectly, Candles, Incense sticks, psychedelic kaleidoscopes on the walls, I told her this was going to be intense...I just knew! 

I decided to put my Bluetooth earphones in, and I cannot emphasise enough how important the music I listened to created my journey, please if you take anything from this experience, try the album 'as above so below' by FERR AKA Ferry Corsten which is a completely different type of music from his normal trance genre. It has been described as ambient, neo classical and cinematic.


I lay on my bed feeling which I can only describe as my whole body senses powerfully tingling, Like a strong 'come up' from MDMA but 10x stronger I was in complete lift off, I had a strange pain in my lower back which seemed to be pinning me to the bed, I was changing position trying to get my body back under my own control which was completely futile. I looked at my watch one last time to see the time was 2040 (50 minutes on from taking the dose) this was my last act before I completely lost all concept of time, there is no way I could possibly tell you everything I saw over the next however many hours of the trip. I am sure some of you have a good idea of what I was seeing but I will mention the parts that stick out in my memory for the benefit of those who have not yet experienced this level. 

I was seeing all sorts of strange shapes, strange faces, incredible patterns and insane 3d lights. The walls were moving and twisting, the ceiling above my bed turned into a vortex of stars and space, I gazed up in wonder for what seemed more hours than I could count. I just lay there looking at the ceiling reaching out to touch what I could see, my hands were bleeding fluorescent waves of energy and I could see and interact with what I can only describe as fog around me.

The next thing I remember is faces all around my peripheral vision, I had the fogged smoke outline of a man to my left and he had his hand on my shoulder. Through all this I felt my mind was still completely conscious and I could still think logically, but I could not understand what was happening. All this was happening as I lay there in my bed.  This next part may or may not shock you, I don't know if it was normal or not but I felt what I can only describe as no less than 6 body tingling orgasms through my journey, my whole body pulsing and shaking, this is something I would never usually talk about to those other than my wife but I feel the need to be honest about it. I was not prepared for that at all! I was not prepared for any of it and I sit here now and have been reflecting all morning on how could all this happen from some small mushrooms I picked from a field not even a week earlier! I cast my mind back to that field through my journey to look at myself in the 3rd person picking them.


At one stage I remember laughing out loud in hysterics saying what the fuck is going on repeatedly, I remember shouting on my wife who was on trip watch, she had only stepped out of the room briefly but I wanted to show her what I could see, When she came back into the room I saw her for what felt the first time all night even though I knew she had been there throughout...... I again went into hysterics because her face was shifting and again I could not make any sense of it.  I finally decided to leave my bed which I had been so reluctant to do, I felt safe there and was enjoying what was happening, I went to the toilet and I couldn't really see what I was doing, I just knew I was at the toilet. I then looked into the mirror which was just insane, I was looking through my eyes and into a time beyond, I could see my face getting older and younger but my eyes remained the same with such deep depths it really spun my head out. I decided that was enough. My wife helped me downstairs to the kitchen because I had an overwhelming feeling to see my dog Ragnar; my wife also wanted me to look at the moon.

When I saw Ragnar I was filled with emotion and not for the first time I had tears streaming down my face, it felt like we had met for the first time but now in a different world, a spiritual plane, he was so excited like he knew what was happening. I thought to myself he was a truly spiritual animal. 

When I looked at the moon I could not take my eyes away, I sat there on my cold kitchen floor and stared at the moving skies for I don't know how long. I decided to go back to bed but by this point I felt absolutely exhausted, like I could barely walk, I remember telling my wife this and she gave me a glass of orange juice to drink, It tasted unbelievable and I think this is what brought me back down. I struggled back up the stairs to bed and slowly lost all the incredible visuals and feelings. This was the end of the trip. I talked to my wife about the experience for a while and fell asleep.


The day after.......

I woke up the next morning feeling so rested and content, I still cannot make any sense of what happened last night. I seem to have more questions than I did before I tried the very first mushroom. All I know is I have unlocked something and things will never be the same!

I have so many questions!  the main question that sticks out for me is when is the right time to do this again, I don't want to abuse this experience as I see it as a sacred spiritual journey that the very fibres of the earth has let me see.

I feel grateful for the positive experience and I know if I am not careful a bad trip is a very real possibility, although based on last night I don't know why this would happen, I think because I did not resist what was happening and I did not allow myself to panic, that is why I think I was so lucky.


I genuinely felt when I was looking into that universe on my bedroom ceiling that I could reach out and connect with any one of you who have experienced the same thing..... I realise how that might sound and I know it is crazy but that is what I felt and still feel sitting here reflecting on it.


When I think back I wonder 'did I see all those things because I have seen them in the past?'..... Or 'was it the psilocybin that was showing it to me?' The Mayan symbols for example or the eyes that peered at me through unbelievable patterns.


I really hope you are glad you have taken the time to read this report. I would love to read any of your thoughts on this journey or even just a comment to let me know you enjoyed reading.


Thanks again for taking the time and happy travels you beautiful people!

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