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Never fully coming back

Need help

So back in July me an a few friends got a ten strip from this kid we knew fairly well I ate four an they split the other six we went for a walk an it fully kicked in within fifteen minutes we started to see demons running everywhere an bad energy all around us we got very sick an started to not be able to breath I figured out we got laced with fet an we chugged a few gallons of water between the three of us and it began to calm down the trip died after about six hours but the visuals have never fully stopped everything is still flowing a bit an I see energy constantly mushrooms helped kill this a bit an stoped the waves but I need to kill these visuals if anyone knows how please contact me so I can tell my friends an we can end this nightmare 

The trip it's self was very weird we went on a walk which would take usually maybe ten minutes one way took us an hour round trip to get back from the visuals kicked in as we were turning around and we had to keep stopping to take long breaths it felt like the air was being cutoff from my body when we got on the porch one of my friends finger tips began to swell then all three of us couldn't breathe I grabbed a case of water which at the time felt like a two ton boulder an lugged it to the pourch we chugged all of it and started to puke more an after about three hours of repeating this the trip ended it's strange cause all three of us had the exact same trip feeling visuals and all it linked us together somehow I guess the lesson to be learned is if it's not from greatful dead family and or tested never take anything 

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