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Well I've been thinking about doing shrooms for quite a while now, and ended up at a party where I was able to in an instant.

Well I've been thinking about doing shrooms for quite a while now, and ended up at a party where I was able to in an instant. However, I always thought I would just do shrooms with a couple of close pals, and just trip, chat, and listen to a few good tunes...But...

My friend was in a play at his college, and it was the final night of the play. So there was a cast party, with about 25 or so people I didn't know in the least. Anyhow my bud gave me some shrooms and said if I didn't feel like it I could give them back at the end of the night or somthing. So about 1/2 an hour passed and I was just thinking about it. At about 12:00 or so, I just thought "why not?" And I chompped them down without a thing. They actually did taste good, everyone thought I was wierd for thinking that.

I started feeling a bit strange about 1/2 an hour later. This is the one of the coolest parts. Thier stage had a giant spinning disc on the floor for spinning the set around, only the only set on it was a set of stairs with a flat top one could sit on. So they started spinning it, and I was walking around on it; IT WAS SOOOO COOOL! I walked with it and I was so fast, and I walked against it, and was going nowhere. So the night quickly became absolutley hysterical...I'll just fly through the details...

First, Me and my best freind were completely self concious because we thought everyone thought we were gay! Which is SOOOOOOO STUPID, considering that is the last thing that would bother us if we were sober. We couldn't even look each other in the eye for like 1/2 an hour which seemed like forever, let alone talk to each other. Also all the posters in the theater seemed like they were inflated from behind, and were on the verge of bursting. There was a bullitin board that wouldn't stop warping and "snaking" around itself (the ceiling was doing this to). My face was rippling in the mirror. This girl was playing the Pachable Canon, on the piano, and it was the most beautiful thing ever. My hair was SOOO amazing to touch. I could go on and on. While I wasn't "seeing" trippy colors everywhere, or total halucinations, I consider this to be a pretty powerful experience because of the way I was feeling. I could not stop laughing the whole entire night. Everything was a big HUGE joke, and my laughs felt as if I should be tearing my insides apart! God, what a night.

Mr. Potato Head.

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