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Deja Vu


Ok. This had to be the strongest/weirdest trip ive had in my 3 experiences. i bought one of them round chocolate bars with 3g. of mush for 20. i ate it around 9:30, when everyone is asleep. about 5 minutes later, i went outside to smoke a cigarette.

Then it hit me when i came inside (about 15 minutes after ingestion). my mouth just dropped/bug eyed like it always does when im tripping. so i lay down and turn on family guy on adult swim. so i move my hand to grab my tea, and i noticed the longest tracer. i couldnt even stand up without my legs trying to give out.so i get back on the bed, and just doze off on family guy. then shit started getting really cool. the show got brighter in colors, if i take my eyes of the tv for a sec, the tracer of stuey's face sat on my wall, and disapeered after 2 seconds. so i looked up at the ceiling, and i start having flashbacks of past trips, seeing 666 on my ceiling, and i just thought it was 3 beer bottles. it was so fucked up, you have to be me to get where im at.

so family guy goes off, and the new hersheys commercial comes on with this girl. she says "i dont wanna hear sorry hope your feeling better". and the melted chocolate started turning green, pink and blue. so i said to her, "well heres some green, pink and blue chocolate, hope your feeling better". haha i didnt know what the hell was going on, my vision was so distorted, everything i looked at became a tracer. everything on tv seemed like ive done before, like the feeling of Deja Vu. I kept telling myself "ive done that before!!!" 5 minutes seemed an eternity, and i couldnt wait for the trip to end. it was getting very boring.so i started to fall asleep, and this old mans voice said "chick-fil-a"....thats all i can remember.

rememeber, shrooms are better than DXM. dont touch DXM unless you want to die.

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