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Deep Thoughts

This past weekend I was finally able to try mushrooms for the first time.

This past weekend I was finally able to try mushrooms
for the first time. I was mildly experienced with acid, and
was anxious to shroom. I left my apartment at 8 on Fri. I
told my roomates I would be back that night. With my guitar
and so mid grade bud, I headed to my friend J's dormroom.
From there we went to my other friend, D's house. His house
is a wonderful place to be. He has a large wooden pavilion
in the backyard and a large roof which is easy to get onto.
All night we smoked bud in his yard and on his roof.
Another guy came over and told us we could get shrooms that
night. Four of my friends (D,J,E,H) wanted to try them too.
We went out to a grocery store and when we got back we were
told that we woulndt get any shrooms. Later that night we
got rejected another time. Eventually we all fell asleep.
The next day we finally got the shrooms at 9:30. We had
just finished taking bong hits in My friend D's car. D and
I got three grams and J, E,and H got two each. I ate them
straight up and followed them with water at about 9:45.
They werent extremely disgusting at all. Unlike acid, I had
no tightening of the muscles or sweath palms during the
onset. I began to be worried if they would work or not.
But soon after I definitely felt altered. I played on some
djembes with my friend for a while. A bit later, my frind J
and I noticed D,s kitchen floor. The brown between the
tiles began to flow a little and the circular tiles apeared
to be raised like small knobs on the ground. D's brother
was throwing a huge party at his house and we were scaring
out the people in the room. I had a strong urge to start
messing with people and really freak them out. All those
who were tripping besides D, wo needed to watch his house
decided to take a walk. I stalled in the dark yard to
admire the creepy shadows that the trees cast. I ran to
catch up to the group. When I reached them I jumped in the
air and tried to scare J. I noticed averyone was really
quiet and then saw that there was a cop car in front of the
house. I got really paranoid and urged everyone to turn
down a side street. Once we were away from the cop I was
extremely talkative. E and I began to discuss interesting
things on the psychological level. We got really hung up on
the fact that you experience everything only in relation to
yourself. We talked about all the people in the world that
have never seen us and never will. It was all pretty
obvious but it was overwhelming to realize just how small we
are in the world. My thoughts swirled and raced and I lost
many wonderful revelations. For about an hour we talked
alot. The other people were laughing at us and some were
annoyed with listening. At one point I forced my mind to
make me happy and I simply became overwhelmed with joy.
During all this time there were definitely some visual
action. Basiccally, there was the sensation that everything
as breathing, and sparkling, with a psychedelic glow. Upon
concentration things would appear distorted and sort of
ripple or bend. My voice seemed extremely loud and everyone
else's except E's to be distant and quiet. At one point a
large tree took on appearance of a head. The tree actually
had headlike shape in real life as well. One of the coolest
visuals of the night were these tiny bright orange flowers.
Everyon stopped to stare at them. After staring for a
while, I could no longer see any color at all except for the
bright orange. I t looked exactly like the movie
Pleasantville. Then the color drained and the flowers were
whiteish grey. They also appeared to stretch towards me.
We eventually reached the house again and rested for a
while. We drew, checked in on D, and freaked people out.
Most people left when the cop came, but they all wandered
back. D was really mad and was telling people to leave. He
was also tripping pretty good. D is a really interesting
guy and very nice and friendly. But the people were getting
annoying. J, E, and I eventually got uncomfortable with all
the people. We pushed through to the door and stepped
outdside. I immediately felt better. We left for another
long walk. We were starting to come down a little. There
were still visuals and distorted tought process, and I felt
really calm and happy. These were some relatively new
friends I had know for about two months. I was really
enjoying this long weekend at a cool house, basically
forgetting all resposibilities for two whole days under the
influence of drugs. I began to really miss my friends since
sixth grade. I realized what great friends they are and how
I usually had fun with them no matter what we were doing.
But I hadent seen them in a long time. I thought about the
three night New Years Eve Phish show. It would probably be
the best time of my life and a great chance to hang out with
them and share such a wonderful experience. I also began to
miss my family and my years with no worries. Elementary
school had been so simple, and I longed for the simpler
times. But I had a great time talking and walking with
these new friends during the peacful comedown stages. At
about 5 am, we were almost all the way down. We all
regrouped in D's room and sat around exhausted. I
eventually fell asleep. I woke up tired and dazed, but was
fine in a few hours. I belive this was a level three trip,
and Im anxious to do more. These are the differences that I
noticed between shrooms and acid: Shrooms have a nuch
smoother onset and come down. You sort of slide in and out
of the peak. They seemed to cause more talking than acid.
They seemed to attract you towards nature alot more. They
make you feel close to the people around you. The visuals
are more flowing and smooth. Well, I really enjoyed my
first Shroom trip, and I think a higher dose will turn me
from acid to shrooms as a b

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