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10g Psilocybe Mexicana truffles

Incredible energy

A couple of months ago, i was in amsterdam, and during a free day, i decided to try 10g of psilocybe mexicana truffles. Looking back at the experience, i think i made many mistakes, and i'm writing them down for everyone interested in how to avoid some of the bad feelings i had.

That was my first time trying magic truffles, and please keep in consideration that i had never tried any drug in my life, except for alcohol and weed, so it was new to me.

When in the smart shop, i asked many questions to the dealer; i said that it was my first time, that i wanted to do that not to have fun but to have a kind of a spiritual experience, and he told me: "go with 10g of mexicana. Effects will be mild; people often take the 15g pack to have 5g as a backup in case the effects are too low. "

thank god i only took 10!

So here i am, in my hotel room with 10g of magic truffles alone. First mistake. I thought "if the effect is low, i can do that alone". I took the whole package, relaxed on my bed, and started to listen to some of my favorite music. It was around 3pm.

After 30min, i started feeling the first effects. The walls started to become a little wavy, but nothing too crazy. I couldn't hear any significant difference in how i perceive music, so i kept listening.

After around 45min, the colors started to become super bright. This has probably been the most beautiful part of the trip: i was looking at some pictures on my phone and they looked so vivid; i think i saw colors that i've never seen before. I know it sounds meaningless, but i've seen the most beautiful blue of my life.

I tried to draw my dog on paper, i was super excited and i signed my "artwork" writing: "on truffles! "

but after 1hr, more or less, things started to become bad. I had to stop listening to the music as it sounded too "chaotic, " even after trying different genres and artists.

I was probably reaching the peak, and i started panicking for no real reason. I perfectly knew that the psilocybin was already circulating, but i wanted to try throwing up anyway, failing.

I had a hard time surrendering to the experience, and here came the worst feeling of the whole trip: i felt like extreme energy was running in my head, and i felt like i was in the "limitless" movie. It was like driving a car at 500km/h. I had a keen focus on everything i wanted to do, rapidly changing focus from one subject to another. I couldn't stand still.

At this point is worth mentioning that i am seeing a professional psychologist for a suspect of adhd. It was like all of my symptoms were amplified a lot.

I couldn't stand still, i took a shower for no reason, and i started cleaning the room "to take advantage of all the energy i have". I thought that "if something serious was about to happen to me, i didn't want anyone to find me in such a messy room".

I seriously needed to take some fresh air, and given that i had like 0 visuals and just this intense energy flow running and never stopping, i decided to take a walk. I entered a drugstore to ask how to calm down and you won't believe me... There were two twin pharmacists. Now i'm laughing thinking at this experience, but at the moment i felt like i was going crazy.

One of the pharmacists helped me a lot, gave me some vitamin c, and told me that it was all ok, that she tried magic truffles several times, and that it was all a matter of time, the effects won't last forever.

I spent at least 30min thinking about sending her some flowers to thank her for the next day, but i felt too ashamed. She's been so kind to me.

After around 2hrs from the beginning, i was walking in the city center, i had too much energy and i felt like i could only relax by walking. I was still in a bad mood, super nervous and anxious.

I made around 10km walking with zero visuals, just a slight headache and a lot of energy. Too much energy.

After 4hrs, the effects started to cool down. Here i started having a lot of deep, personal thoughts, and i really appreciated these moments. I was so stressed and full of energy, that i could "visualize" myself and see that i had to calm down in life. I realized that it was all too fast; my career, my life choices, everything in my life was going too damn fast.

I can't explain it in words, but it was all clear to me. It was clear that i had to make some changes, and that was the only part of the trip that i really appreciated. For at least a full hour, i couldn't stop trying to find meaning in everything i thought. That has been really, really deep.

After around 6hrs, i went back to my hotel and lay in my bed, the effects were almost all gone and i eventually had some rest.

One thing i'd like to highlight is that for the next weeks, my general humor changed a lot. I always felt a bit depressed, anxious, and nervous. My six-hours trip has been a fight against my bad mood, and you know what? That was not the trip i wanted... But it was definitely the one i needed, 'cause now i feel way better.

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