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2g Psilocybe Cubensis


Just a bit of background:
1. I only consumed cannabis before. First mushroom experience is this one. 
2. Age 40, engineer by day. Ex-soldier, served 10 years. 

Did a tea tek. Tea was good. Decided it tastes ok and ate the actual mush too :)  I dunno why people complain. I ate waaay worse stuff. 

Sat in the dark, some music on headphones. Didn't notice the come-up. Didn't experience any visuals or anything. Got wrapped up in my own thoughts and went to get some old pictures of myself. Noticed my legs didnt quite respond well and room seemed a bit rounded rather than square. Hard to explain. 

Looked at pictures. I realized that I have tons to think about and selected only two of my "issues". Did a bit of crying, had to be honest with myself. I now have a path to being a better person or at least as much as I can still be. Guess they really are the gioden teachers.

Mush love.

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