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Trip to the Adventuring Realm

4(+2)g oak ridge

So this is my first post (sorry for formatting), and I'm relatively new to tripping. I have 4 mushroom trips, and 2 acid trips under my belt, and so I shall tell the tale of trip number 3. The day began like any other. chilling at home wondering what to do that day. I had a like 90 in spare cash at that moment. I shoot my friend a text, and ask if he wants to go in on some shrooms with me. Ofc he agreed, so we began our journey to acquire the goods. As we left I took like 1g of some shrooms (idk what they were) another friend had given me, and was chilling in the car while friend 1 drives. after about a 30 min drive we get the goods. 20gs of oak ridge. we get to friend 2's house, and scale out our doses. We sit around this cool round table in his backyard, and smoke a few joints while we wait for the come up. After a while I'm starting to get some minor visuals color vibrancy, and a little bit of distortion. Once I realize I'm starting to trip i go for a hike in friend 2's woods. While out in the woods i become hype fixated on the different moss that surrounded me, and I end up pocketing some to look at later. By this point ive found this huge mound of dirt covered in bright green moss, and it looked exactly like a frog. some friends joined me as I sat on the moss frog. while on the moss frog i eat another mushroom or two, and decide to head back to the table. On the walk back to the table the limbs of the trees morph into geometric shapes, and fractals. once at the table we roll up a blunt, and hang out for roughly 30 minuets. Everyone else is tripping except friend 1, so he heads home (later we found out that his dose kicked in on their drive home. they reported that it felt like playing a ps2 game). I end up going back into the woods, and spending the rest of my trip snacking on more shrooms and hiking. I take a small nap on a tree, and head back as it was getting dark. the whole time i felt like i was on some kind of quest in an RPG. 

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