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Tripping Balls at a 12 Year Old's Birthday Party

They told me it was "Shroom Extract"... But I didn't get what my friends got...

     This event occured when I was about 14, and probably a freshman in highschool. I am 25 now but I still remember bits and pieces of this day because it was my first full blown experience in which I completely lost touch with reality and experienced hallucinations and such. Up to this point I was used to smoking weed and spice every day (and this was back when it was like the good spice when it first came out and made you trip balls) and drinking as well as experimenting with opiates and other pills.  I had tried mushrooms a couple times and "Acid," which in reality was probably just some random research chemical, and this all leads me to purchasing some "Mushroom Extract." A couple of my friends from school had tried it and said it was a fun time so I decided to give it a try. The dude I got it from I had purchased a lot of other stuff from in the past and I trusted that what he was giving me was in fact "Shroom Extract." What a sweet summer child I was...
     What I ended up with was a small test tube like container with a snap on lid.  At the bottom of the test tube thing was a small maroon colored pill and there was cotton shoved inside for some reason, maybe to keep it from moving around or something? The pill was tiny. It did not have any marks on it. It instantly looked sketchy to me but I paid I think $25 or something like that, which was basically a full days pay for me and I wasn't about to waste it. Infact I was actually really excited to try it. I decided to do it the next day which was a Saturday.
     So Saturday comes around and me and the local neighborhood kids are hanging around smoking weed and I notice that one of my good friends didn't show up to our hangout. I inquire as to why he isn't there and find out that he is helping one of his younger neighborhood friends get ready for his birthday party. He was turning 12 or maybe 13, I forget. This kid had parents that didn't really let him hang out with us, only my one friend was ever aloud over because they had grown up together. However his parents decided to make an exception because it was his birthday. He was very excited that we where aloud to go to his party, and I don't know if I felt obligated to go or if I actually wanted to go, but I went. On the bike ride there I took my mysterious red pill, figuring I wouldn't get much more than the giggles due to the pills small size, and I needed something after all since I wouldn't be able to drink or smoke bud.
     We arrive at the party and it is what you would expect. The young neighborhood kid has all his family there. Aunt's and uncles and such. His parents are patrolling making sure nobody is getting into trouble. There are hotdogs and a bonfire and music going on and we socialize for a bit.
     It is at this point that shit gets a bit blurry.  The following is the experience I was able to stich together between bits of what I remember and things many other people told me I did after the fact. All I remember is setting in a chair by the fire. I felt such strong euphoria I couldn't stop laughing as I sat alone in another world. Everything around me faded to black and it was just me and the fire. The fire turned into a cartoon and rose up from the pit on top of an infinity symbol and other symbols began to rotate around it.  As the symbols started rotating faster the fire started talking to me, trying to tell me the secrets of the universe, but I couldn't really hear the words over the music that was playing, because it's a fucking birthday party.
     So that's when I started asking out loud where the music was coming from, and demanded that somebody shut it off. I can only imagine what the adults are thinking at this point, but they comply. Once the music is turned off the fire pit starts talking to me again, feeding me information that was exclusively mind-blowing.  I remember having a sense off all knowingness and feeling eternal love while I just listened to and watched this cartoon floating fire pit.
     Then all of a sudden, after what had obviously been hours I began to come back to reality. It wasn't a gradual comedown, more like all of a sudden reality hit me in the face. I was sitting there laughing and feeling very euphoric, and then all of a sudden I became aware of myself, and the fact that I was laughing to myself sitting all alone at this 13 year old kids birthday party. I remembered where I was, and instantly felt embarrassed at the scene I must have caused. It was late by this point and I don't remember if my friends where still there or if they left me. But I remember seeing adults around me that I didn't recognize. Maybe they had been babysitting me? Nobody confronted me and I got on my bike and went home. That kid never seemed to be aloud to leave the house after that. Years after the fact he still talked about it when I saw him. I felt bad, but there wasn't much I could do at that point.
     Even though I was pretty embarrassed it was still worth it, and I told my friends from school about it. They where who recommended this drug in the first place. They said they didn't have any hallucinations. They also said they received the same style test tube thing but it did not contain a pill. Their "Mushroom Extract" was a brown resin like material and gave them a much milder experience than what happened to me. To this day I have never experienced anything quite like it, although I have had other halicinations and done a wide variety of different psychedelics.  I really wish I could know what drug that was. The best I can guess is some research chemical. When I asked the guy I got it from he said it was extract, even when I asked why it was a pill and not resin he maintained it was extract. I told him I didn't care what it was, it was good and I was just curious, and he maintained that it was extract. So I guess I'll never know.

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