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Feeling sound - alien noise

0.9g pan cyan way cracker dry

Found me some pan cyans about 4 months ago. 

I'm interested in medium dosing. Not sure why i hesitate with bigger doses, i just do. 

Recently the mrs went on holiday, home alone, this was my time. 

Dropped her off at the airport, then i said to myself, yeeha, here we go, im gonna get wacked. 

But the clearest voice ever chimed in and said no, no you aint, no more than 1.5g. 

So i stayed with that. I like to do something like that once a week or every two weeks. 

While she was away i had all kinds of relationship insecurities come up. 

we talked on the phone, and grew from it. 

Hold on, this isnt that trip though.

No, this was awhile ago. She’s back now. 

Why am i talking about that while intending to write on the trip i had yesterday? Because life, life is linked to the trip. Set and setting. 

My mind is highly imaginative. 

It’s kind of always naturally tripping i think. More than others? I don’t know. Since a child, i’ve wondered if others see what i see, green for instance, how do i know they see green like i do?

The trip starts well before the ingestion of psilocybin for me. I can clearly see that. I believe the mycelium talks to the world around me and sets up the day for the trip, and it just happens. I have nothing to do with it but listen, and decide how much to plonk into my mouth. 

Yesterday it was just 0.9g. less than usual, i wanted to be careful because i opened a new jar and these ones looked like they could be mean, cracker dry, whole ad purple. Whereas the last jar got a bit soft from opening lots, and the specimens were crushed up a bit. 

Yep, here it comes. It’s coming quick. 

its 2pm. Stuff going on, gotta cook dinner, mrs will come home from work soon, whatever, its just a light dose. 

All electrical devices to play some music totally fucked up, i could not get suitable music playing. I didnt know if i needed to create a nice setting with music and stuff as it was just a light dose. Sitting at the desk fumbling with devices, voice said, ‘sit the fuck down on the carpet and forget about it. Listen to silence. 

So thats what i did. And it enveloped me. 

I noticed that there are endless electrical machines in the house making noise, aircon, cctv hdd, computers, plus many more. 

I stuck my head under a blanket. Noise was super intense now. 

Full noise. 

The devices in the house? Maybe, but i was now hearing them in full spectrum or at-least the auditory hallucinations were full spectrum. 

Ive recently had a middle ear infection. 

We have military aircraft practicing alot around here. 

These things may have come into it. 

I cant explain the sound. It was full, it was louder than anything imaginable. It was comforting and exciting. 

I stuck my head out of the blanket when mrs came home. 

We talked a bit about dinner plans etc.

Then she played a meditation next to me and sat down too. 

I stuck my head under the blanket and could see the guided meditation very clearly. 

There was alot of bright green. Big expanses of liquid green. There were alot of entities carrying these colors, flodding them into rivers, passing me a ball of white light to hold. 

A falcon looking friendly creature came down looking over mrs shoulder trying to see the egg in her belly as we spooned. The creature wanted it. 

I could feel electrical charges bouncing from my belly to hers. 

The boss of the falcon creature, was pleased that we were not going to feed the falcon. As hungry as he is, his boss was happy we would not supply another baby for it. 

Desire, sacrifice. 

We have no kids and reckon we wont ever have try to have any. 

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