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DMT not feeling like it does at all

I feel like I've broken something

Okay so the last 3 trips on DMT I've felt non of the usual visuals I actually don't feel any sort of high but, I seem to split back and fourth from this reality and another one.. almost like everything is a simulation or I keep timeline hopping.. to add to that I was on game chat to my friends during the first time and they literally could hear me cutting in and out and then I lost all connection, so I video called my friend freaking tf out and she said I kept dropping in and out until it finally disconnected to make things even stranger, there's no evidence of me video calling her at all on either of our phones. It says I had a missed call from her first but thats impossible because I woke her up 😶
The only way I can describe it is like the CGI in Love Death Robots, where they swap in and out of reality to CGI. 

It's absolutely tripping me because I feel like everything is just a virtual reality or a big lie haha
Also I was only doing 20-30mg at a time sandwiched in-between passionfruit leaf

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