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It was fun till it wasnt

My buddy's first time

Me and my buddy decided to take shrooms this past Friday.  We each ate around 4gs each. It only took about 45 mins before me and my buddy both started to see lots of colors and uncontrollably laugh in my game room wich has  color changing led lights wich my buddy didn't like so we decided to go to the couch in the living room.  That's where we spent the next 4 hours just laying on the couch incapacitated but enjoying ourselves and not really moving but talking and laughing and seeing things.  It's like I was looking at a colida scope of all types of things like dinosaurs ,monkeys and lots of crazy stuff. Then as I lay pretty much paralyzed from so much shrooms my buddy starts to get mobile again.  So I ask him for the next 30 mins to let the dogs out cause I can't move and he keeps just running up and down the stairs that lead outside to the yard but won't let the dogs out ,when out of no where he suddenly throws a laptop at my head. So instantly I sat up opened my eyes and friend is just staring at me only wearing a t-shirt.  No pants no boxers just a t shirt. So I go yo why did you do that ? And he proceeded to just walk away . So I look at my dog and he is so scared he is shaking in fear and just peeing on the floor. So I get up and see if my dogs are OK and put them away from us safe in a room. I come back to my pantless friend and plead with him to get dressed but to no avail. So I go to my room to get him shorts and I'm still trying to sober up cause it was wearing off but still really strong. I gave him shorts and he put them on. As soon as he got dressed he launched his phone across the room and it hit the wall really hard but then looked at me and said you can't stop me and jumped into the couch where he proceeded to try to rip the curtains off the wall and punch through the window.  Luckily he was not injured . So I was just trying to gather myself and keep him safe at this point but still feeling the shrooms and was feeling scared at this point. So I try to keep him calm on the couch but he just sits for 5 minutes then try to get up to go toward the rooms where my dogs are so I continuously tell him to come back and sit down till finally he gets up and trys to eat ice cream but he just throws it out then just looks at me menacingly and just pees on the floor. So he threw the laptop at me striking me on the head ,whips his phone across the room,tries to rip down the curtain  and urinated on the living room floor. So after relentlessly trying to get him to chill out I made the decision to just take him home. So still feeling residual effects of the shrooms I drove him home ,tucked him into bed and went home. Have you ever had anyone you know have a similar experience to this? My friend was in state of phycosis he could not tell what was real or what was fake. He was just speaking jibberish the whole time while doing these things. Never really heard of anyone getting violent while on shrooms before.  Did we eat to much?  If you have questions feel free to ask but those are the main parts of the story. I had a really great time till my friend just turned phyco ,violent and incoherent all at once . No 1 was hurt ,nothing broke and the house was cleaned up.

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