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Death, rebirth and laughter

Best trip ever last night.

Best trip ever last night. My wife and I have taken shrooms and philosophers' stones a number of times, gradually increasing dosage. I find I'm getting into closed-eye visuals and music more and more, with open-eye visuals less and less interesting to me.

Last night we each ate 15g of fresh Hawaiian mushrooms. We started out in the garden, enjoying the initial relaxing half hour and reading. Then, pretty suddenly, I found myself more interested in the fibre of the book than the words, and the fence started rippling and taking on lots of faces. After about ten minutes we knew we were going to get uncontrollably giggly and went inside.

Music on, and first up: David Bowie's Hunky Dory. Fantastic wobbly voice effects and a fuller sound than I've ever heard from that album. Things started getting really good when my wife got up to let the dog out and when she opened the door I could hear the sound effects at the beginning of 'Andy Warhol' stretching all the way to the outside. Drinking water, I could taste all the individual particles in it.

By the time we put on Zero 7, I was lapsing in and out of a dreamlike state, with eyes closed but at the same time aware of things going on around me. Lots of amazing tunnel/strobe effects with my eyes closed, and I could picture anything that popped into my head, like the words from the lyrics or whatever my wife mentioned.

We had a hilariously giggly conversation about Saving Private Ryan (how, when they were filming, they used blanks so they wouldn't make enough noise to scare away seagulls...), the I lapsed back into the state. This time, I imagined myself on the beaches of Normandy, being shot at and then dying - this wasn't depressing but weirdly interesting. Then I split into a couple of dozen pieces and imagined myself rising up into the sky. Something told me I was going to be reborn and it was exciting, with beautiful colours and me imagining myself literally on top of the world.

I soared down into the world, choosing Africa and zooming in, landing on the dirt floor of a village with tribespeople all around me, beating their drums to the beat of the music (I don't know what it was by now).

Later (here it gets a bit hazy) I imagined myself in the womb, and being born again, this time as my normal self, being cradled by my father. A fantastic warm feeling, and lots of memories of my early childhood. Then reborn again, and again, and again...

Exhausting but incredible.

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